AAS Quarterly Report : July–September, 2001

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Posted by David Chibo ( on October 10, 2001 at 04:01:33:

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Date:Oct.4th, 2001

To: Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS)

Dear Sirs,

Here by (AAS-I) report shows briefly our most important charity and humanitarian activities from 1st 0f July to 30th of September 2001.
With our best wishes and thanks to all (AAS) members and supporters in America, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Yours Faithfully
Rommel Moushi
AAS- Iraq President

Copy to / AAS-Australia, AAS-Europe, AAS-Canada


Nissibin Assyrian High School Dormitories Project:
- Finishing from the basement casting stage, building the vault and ground floor structure, casting the roof by reinforced concrete. The work stopped after Sep.11th because of the unordinary up rise in building materials prices.
- The building consist of two floors with (28) bedrooms enough for (140) student. -- The ground floor area is (570)m2, includes (12) bedrooms, kitchen, two halls to be used as restaurant and reading room, bathrooms and two gardens the area of each one is(192)m2.
- The first floor area is (546)m2 includes, (16) bedrooms, and bathrooms. The building has a vault of (117)m2, to be used for storage.

The following project is totally funded by Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A).
· Finishing from implementing roofs casting project in Belejane village within Sapna area, at Aug.15th. The project included casting by reinforced concrete the roofs of nine houses in the village, average area of each house (120)m2, we also made some repair work to the village houses.
The following project was funded by (AAS-A) Chicago chapter.
· Finishing from implementing roofs casting project in Hazarjot village within Qasrok area, at Aug.1st .The project included casting by reinforced concrete the roofs of (32) house in the village, average area of each house (100)m2, The project was funded by (AAS-A).
· Finishing from implementing roofs casting project in Duri village within Barwari Bala area, on Sep.9th.The project included casting by reinforced concrete the roofs of (22) house in the village, and another house in the neighbor village, average area of each house (100)m2, in addition to this, we made some repairing works in the village.
The project was funded by Assyrian Aid Society of Australia(AAS-Au).
· Start implementing Drinking water project in Rabatki,Meruki villages within Nahla area. The project includes, laying pipelines from water source (spring) to the two villages total amount of pipelines length (4)km , distributing the water to all the villages houses, after building water tanks in each village provided with water pumps.
The project is funded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Schtutgard (ELCS).


Assyrian primary schools
-Supporting Assyrian schools in Dohuk and Erbil area ,which includes paying salaries of the lecturers, helping needy teachers,and providing some basic needs for the schools.
Covering the transportation costs of students and teachers in Dohuk and Erbil.
-Covering the costs of Translation Committee.
-Covering the costs of Assyrian Teaching Committee in holding different types of educational activities, the most important were:
Honoring superior students in a special celebration in Ankawa at July 21st.
Course for Assyrian teachers in Shaqlawa, association of (23) teacher, at Aug, 20th.

Assyrian high schools
-Nissibin high school in Dohuk city:
Covering the costs of housing, feeding (90) students. Paying monthly salaries to the teachers, lectures, dormitories supervisors, and workers. Covering transportation costs of all the school students inside and outside Dohuk. Covering part of school expenses.
-Orhai high school in Sarsink:
Covering the costs of housing, feeding (50) students coming from far villages, covering transportation costs of students coming from near surrounded villages, paying monthly salaries for teachers, lecturers, dormitories supervisors and workers, providing basic needs and furniture for the school.
University students
Through Assyrian Student & Youth Union, our society cover the expenses of housing, feeding, and transporting (180) students from Erbil universities Institute, and (80) from Dohuk Universities Institutes. Covering transportation costs of high schools in Shaqlawa and Armota and helping needy students.

*Our charity pharmacies and clinic centers are continued in presenting their medical services in Duhok, Sarsink, and Ankawa.
*Covering treatment expenses of many cases and contributing to others.
*At the beginning of June, the Dept. made a special round in Barwari Bala villages (Doori, Dereshki, Mayeh, Beshmyay, Eiet, Jededy, Bequlky, Tashish) to treat the villagers and giving the needed medicines freely.
* At the end of July, the Dep. made another similar round in Sapna villages (Araden, Dawoodia, Dehe, Kondkosa).

*Our society presents different types of aid to needy families in different areas, according to applications presented to our society.
*Supporting Social Societies:
Assyrian Women Union
- Continue on supporting the Day Care Center in Ankawa and providing special bus for kids’ transportation.
- Supporting the Union in publishing his periodical newspaper (Nahreneta).
- Support the Union in his different activities.

Assyrian Student & Youth Union
- Support the union in publishing his monthly newspaper (Mezalta).
- Support the union in his different activities.
Supporting Assyrian Cultural center, in achieving his deferent types of cultural and social activities.
- Supporting Sanharib and Akad athletic clubs.

The Ministry of Education promised to bear with us a part of lecturers and transporting costs to the Dohuk area, till now we haven’t received the final result, except that the Ministry now cover 30% of transporting costs of Nissibin high school only in coordination with UECIF, so we are doing our best as we did in previous years in supporting and managing this subject in Assyrian Teaching Process.

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