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Posted by parhad ( on October 10, 2001 at 07:16:42:

In Reply to: Veterans for Peace posted by Jeff on October 09, 2001 at 19:48:48:

That letter to Shrub is both "knowing" and naive. What ever made this veteran think America has any qualms over shedding innocent blood? What Empire ever has? Why does he assume that his president is a "good guy" and the others "misunderstood"? This president stole his presidency and feels just fine about it thank do the American people. What does he expect from a thief...ethics???

American officials who all knew better, used fear of communism for years to keep us docile and grateful for this country's "protection". For protecting us from journalists, and writers and actors and artists who merely asked a question or two. We NEEDED a "Soviet" threat as we need a "Terrorts" one now. Look at the way people are falling into line...look at how a dolt goes from idiot one day, to Master Statesman the next...and watch as the bills fly in congress...and the Republicans can once again throw accusations at the democrats for being "soft" on terrorism, this time as they've used "communism" and "crime" before...that should start soon.

These aren't "conspiracies" in the sense that people call each other and say..."how do we fool Americans today"? IBM never had to interrogate potential employees...they just used the right people to hire people they felt "comfortable" with...kindred spirits. People know who is going to be a "player" loyal, and who isn't...they know who wants what and how far he's willing to go to get what they both cherish. If you ask someone, "Do you think America is the greatest ever and don't you want it to stay that way, and don't you think we should do anything to presevre the greatest shining light the world has ever seen, Mankinds one solid hope for the fututre, and don't you love America and wouldn't you hate to see us fall behind, and don't you believe that "they" might come after us because they want what WE have..." you've determined all you need to know... that the person you've been having this informal and patriotic chat with, will more than likely go along with SPECIFIC acts when the time mining harbors, toppling "bad guys" and getting "favorable trade deals" by whatever means necessary. You don't ask DIRECTLY, "would you be willing to have a duly elected president of a country murdered"?

When the White House released tapes of Nixon interviewing John Dean for the luckless job of special counsel to the President, he never came out once and said, "are you loyal enough to do what I tell you especially when you know it will be illegal for you to comply with my orders"? They talked instead about "loyalty" in the abstrcat, as a principle and how short a commodity it was, about "some forces which want to tear down America" or some such coded statements. Dean knew what was going on and so did Haldeman and Ehrlich, who'd already had these "chats" with him. Dean was hired, and he lied and covered up until even he couldn't stand it and he became 'disloyal" by becomming truthful, finally.

And those of us who tell the truth now will be called disloyal again...this has all happened before and will again so long as it works. Who says the education system here in this country isn't working BEAUTIFULLY!

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