Dr Moradkhan

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Posted by parhad ( on October 10, 2001 at 07:30:22:

>>>>>I don't agree with the statements made by the person who questioned Dr Moradkhans intentions in going to Iraq. But I find Aprims defense as flawed as the attack on the Doctors character...and the comments about the doctors wife are totally unwaranted...that's why they were made, this is standard fair for those Christians claiming to be Assyrian.

>>>I saw a tape of the doctor in Iraq. He did not look like a lion of any kind. He's tried this sort of thin before...these nationalistic efforts that are both niave and misinformed...but do sound good. He looked old and frail, hardly up to the task he set for himself, but power to him. I can't imagine what he's going to be able to teach them about making teeth as he learned dentistry 159 years ago...but power to him. I think planting an Assyrian flag over the city of bebedeh was a mistake, if he indeed did it, and I was told that ZOWAA was less than pleased with this, and other things it seems the good doctor wished to achieve over there.

We are very frustrated in many ways and the idea of making a "last stand" in Assyria must be appealing. I suggest we plant Fred Aprim there....

Without wasting time in nonsense, let me get straight to the point.

How much time have you invested in order to see an Assyrian project in north of Iraq, no matter how small, see the light?

One must wonder to whom to listen, the few people of questionable intentions and agendas or those travelling to north of Iraq and living the experience of the Assyrians and the ADM. Why does every one who travels to north of Iraq return with nothing but praise for what he/she has witnessed? The last person to return from north Iraq and speak about the ADM experience and his own was an Assyrian nationalist who needs no intrduction, Dr. Ashour Moradkhan.

What can we learn from a giant person in the caliber of Dr. Moradkhan, one of the most patriatic Assyrians I have ever met in my life? And what can we learn from the few pathetic lines coming from an obvious ill-hearted person of the caliber of Tony Heido? Dr. Ashour Moradkhan who is well-known for his work on the Assyrian Manifesto and other nationalistic endeavors stated that he has yet to live an Assyrian experience similar to that of the ADM in north of Iraq. Would you like to read Dr. Moradkhan's entire speech Mr. Heido? One must admit that posts like yours appear like a nuisance fly compared to speeches by lions like Dr. Ashour Moradkhan.

What is the essence of the few empty words you posted here? Grow up for the love of God ... Open your eyes and live the urgency of the moment.

Fred Aprim

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