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Posted by parhad ( on October 10, 2001 at 08:03:34:

"The Jund al-Islam is reportedly linked to Osama bin Laden's terrorist networks. The Iraqi National Congress has already linked Osama Bin Laden to the government in Baghdad in a press release this month. It stated that in December 1998 Faruq Hijazi, a senior Iraqi intelligence official, visited Bin Laden in Afghanistan, accompanied by Iraqi intelligence officers. Hijazi is Iraq's ambassador in Turkey and has served as head of the foreign covert operations division of the Mukhabarat.

According to the same report, noted in a recent Radio Free Europe article by Mr. David Nisman, Muhammad Atta --one of the terrorists involved in the World Trade Center event on 11 September-- met an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague. The official is known to be a close associate with Hijazi."

>>>Wilfred Alkhase, editor of Zinda, reneged on a promise he made to me some time back that he would include a direct link to this site on Zinda magazine as a regular feature. He had this change of "feint" heart after having backed out of another promise to run any article I wanted to write about a certain other subject.

Jackie Bejan and I used to joke about the collection Male testicles she had hanging on her garage wall. Wilfred's two are dangling there yet, along with the empty hook where mine were supposed to go.

I'm sure it was Jackie who talked him out of both agreements. I don't mind that so much, a man whose balls are hanging somewhere else would have an understandably hard time screwing someone else...instead he'd have to settle for getting screwed...which is what Jackie is best at.

>>>I'm particularly pissed at him, for while he claims to want to keep Zinda "light and frothy", he runs articles like this which strain credulity by claiming that the terrorists had links to Iraq etc. This is information, which if it exists, hasn't been made public, and the idea that any Assyrian has inside information is as funny as can be.

Why in the name of all that's holy would one of our magazines print exactly what Uncle Sam needs to justify his unjustifiable war against Iraqi civillians? Do these people know that Assyrians live in Iraq? Do they recall how Moslems of any stripe, or those who just looked "Arab" were beaten and killed and have had their rights taken away, in THIS democratic land of the free and the brave?

What do they think will happen to Assyrian Christians back there whose fellow Christians are supporting and paying for and flying the bombs over that kill them as well as Moslems? Might not THEY get beaten and denied their rights etc??? Or is that the whole point? Is this more of that Mad attempt to have as much damage done to Iraq, Assyrians be damned (collateral damamge as Madeliene Verybright and Hanna would say)so that somehow the white Christian Westerner who has EVER screwed us, will now show his TRUE colors and give us BACK Assyria? Are you people insane or just stupid or are you diabolically stupid and insane???

>>>Wilfred, for heaven's sake use some sense and restraint...this is no time to drive your nose further up Uncle Sam's arse...you got the business, you got the car, you got the house...now go and enjoy them and get out of the way...but whatever you do, don't make things better for yourself, by making them WORSE on the few Assyrians left back there and their innocent Muslim neighbors, who have more right to despise them than any red neck here had to shoot a Sikh!

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