Smears and Medicines

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Posted by parhad ( on October 11, 2001 at 07:21:23:

Sorry Sir,

No one answered the question of 90K $, neither Parhad nor you.

I repost it again as it was posted first on last April.

>>>Post it all you want, in fact put it on a post and ram it.

To post photos of Assyrian kids who suffer because of Saddam and embargo is not the answer for my question.

>>>Those children do not suffer entirely because of Saddam. He may be a dog, but he's America's dog, as Noriega was, and any number of henchmen. But it is a sort of answer...we need MORE medicine, not less, if we are to have less of these it the photos that trouble you, or the dying children?

Indeed, the photos are extra and loud condemnation for the corruption of 90K $. Can you deny?

>>>There is no corruption of 90K. The corruption is in you and your pretended concern over "accuracy" and "honesty"...while all the while children are dying.

Please, post your direct and clear answer (if you have any) for this direct and clear question of 90K $.

>>>It couldn't get any clearer than it was from the very beginning. Just because you are "English Challenged" does not create a crisis in us.

My post of April reads as follows;

Read the two quotes and answer this question: WHAT HAPPENED TO MORE THAN 90K $?

(Quote 1 refers to more than 100K.

Quote2 refers to around 10K.

100K 10K equals 90K)

>>>Good for you, your ability to do math is much better than your ability to read English. I say work on your weak spots, stop showing off your math skills.

Quote 1:

From Narsai David's message, the Assyrian Aid Society president, published in " The Tree of Life ", end 1998.

((Dear Fellow Assyrians,

As another Christmas season approaches, reminding us of the sacredness of life and another new year brings hope for new beginings, let us reflect on the past year and look forward to a successful and healthy 1999.


In August, our shipment of medicine, valued at more than $100,000 reached its destination of Dohuk.

>>>Yes sweet indeed had that value...but not that price.

It has been very exciting for us to watch videotaped images of box upon box of the medicines you helped purchase as they cross the Tigris river in small boats. Next they get loaded onto trucks under the watchful eyes of guards and finally unloaded into the Dohuk pharmacy.


There is so much we can do in 1999. Please send your tax deductible contributions now, while it is fresh in your mind.


Narsai M. David

Assyrian Aid Society of America

350 Berkeley Park Blvd.

Berkeley, Ca. 94707))

Quote 2:

BAHRA, issue 109, May 1999, Page 2:

Wait for display.

>>>Somehow I think you could have translated this into DO understand the language don't you?

>>>You can see by this fellow's grasp of the English language that he hangs his "expose'" on the words "valued at". The medicines which arrived years ago were indeed valued at $100,000.00. That's what was so exciting...what we were all so pleased and encouraged by...because they only COST us $10,000.00

Some things can be of great value, and cost very this fellow's soul is of NO value and costs him nothing at all to maintain. Has he really misunderstood, or has he seized upon something he thinks fools the rest of us? Does he WANT to be fooled so badly for the ammunition he thinks it provides for his campaign to help kill even more of our people? Is he one of those who thinks, AT LAST, the white man will rush to our rescue and give us back a "glowing" new country?

He neglects to quote Narsai's other statement, the one he made in a subsequent issue of the newsletter in which he carefully explains, for this dolt and others, exactly the facts of the "Case Of The Missing 90K".

Let's say it again...the company which made the medicines, medicines VALUED at $100,000.00 on the open market...gave them to the AAS for the COST of $10,000.00 in actual, hard money. Who would be so stupid as to shout it out loud if it had been the OTHER way? Who? Anonymouse, that's who.

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