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Posted by parhad ( on October 11, 2001 at 07:44:14:

The other day I was refered to as "Osama Bin Parhad" by Tleeqa on aina. Then yesterday we find out that the networks have been told, as part of their "patriotic" duty not to broadcast messages by that other Osama. The government claims he is advocating "attacks" against Americans, of which Hanna is one...and probably "insulting" them as well.

"It isn't really censorship". the government claims...just "protecting" people from harmful words and images...and oh yes, he might be sending "coded" signals. They better be a little more careful. Republicans are expert at shooting themselves in the foot...they'll begin to get carried away with the "numbers" this tragedy temporarily gave them and sound stupider and stupider until the curtain gets pulled away by some yapping dog and we're gonna see the "old man" behind this puppy of a "Wizard".

The comments about Bin Laden and how we need to be protected from his words as well as the mere sight of him...while Palestinians and Iraqis don't have to be protected from anything we can throw at them, shows you again how "special" Americans are, especially Republicans who should win elections SOMEHOW "goshdarn it!"...when compared to any of God's innocent but dark babies whose cribs sit atop oil Pappy and Shrub want more of.

In fact, the same argument is used in regards to keeping me off of these forums from hell. I too am upsetting people etc. It was interesting to hear Pat Buchanan being interviewed. I didn't see it myself but was told that he was asked how he felt about these terrorists being "over here". He replied, "why not, we're over there"...the same simple message Osama and others have been trying to get us to understand. When asked if we shouldn't have gone after Saddam for attacking Kuwait...he replied, "Iraq didn't attack America, it attacked Kuwait". He seemed to show some human logic and understanding at least that these attacks and this virulence didn't come from out of nowhere, and certainly not from "jealousy". He implied that if we want to end this sort of thing we have to look for causes, and they are right there staring us in the face.

The day after Shrub took over(in a manner we still don't want to admit), his new team bombed Iraq...for what?? Since then its been ratcheting up tensions in that region...why? Follow the oilmoney.

Who would have thought the day would come when a president's approval rating would match his IQ? Or Pat Buchanan would make sense. These are indeed parlous times brothers and sisters...and oh brother will there be a reckoning some day soon...as there was when these same people took us into Vietnam and every other war of the modern era which has been fought for THEIR advantage and our further undoing.

The "benefits" Americans think they have because they're told over and over again that only THEY have...are not to be found in hamburger jobs or fancy cars...what we have and see slipping away from us, was one of the noblest forms of government ever devised in this imperfect world. But it wasn't fool proof or bullet proof...it required for its continued health and success an educated populace, and we are being kept in the comfortable "dark" more and more.

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