A Left Handed Slam by Peter Betbasoo

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Posted by parhad ( on October 11, 2001 at 19:04:55:

If a person does not have the sincerity, integrity and courage to post under his real name, then his post is not worth considering. This is especially the case with the transparent and obvious posts directed at undermining organizations or used for character assassinations.

Forum readers should be aware that there are Iraqi, Kurdish, Iranian and Turkish operatives (some of whom are, sad to say, Assyrians) that regularly monitor Assyrian forums, and engage in disinformation campaigns using these forums.

Take the example of Parhad. You may not agree with he says, but he at least has the integrity to post under his real name.

I wish others would have such integrity.

>>>Oh Yeah!!! Then how come you keep me off because of my "Incomplete Submission"...while you let those possible anonymouse operatives on your forum? I'm to be censored not only because people at your forum don't like my views...like theirs are sanctioned by holy polies...90 percent of them are illiterate bums and then some...but for my "integrity" as well???

>>>You don't block a single one of them...you let this guy post and repost and post some more of this crap about ZOWAA and the friggin 90K in medicine missing or whatever, but my far more "destructive" views have to be kept off??? Then you tell me...while we break bread no less, that "you have nothing to do with it"?

>>>If Eden Naby can have me lecture and I can be on Assyrian TV programs and I can be on white radio and TV programs and if I can have a regular spot on Zinda, as long as my balls hang on someones wall as collateral, and if I can get a college to give us a debate...how come I'm so "radical" and dangerous and unwelcome on your flea bitten forum when every dog who licks his balls is welcome???


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