Good Muslims and Bad Christians

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Posted by parhad ( on October 11, 2001 at 20:26:42:

I read that the city of New York rejected a 10 million grant from a Saudi Prince. Why? I thought we Christian Assyrians were the ones pissed off because them dumb A-rabs couldn't see that we were GOOD Christians...that, as Michael and Getlost say over and over, the Muslims had no right lumping us in with those Crusading bastards or any other Christian who did a Nasty to them... how often do we hear Muslims vilified because they dare get a little pissed at the few Chrisrians they can get their hands on, while other Christian (bad ones) fly overhead and drop death on Muslim AND Christian babies.

Whassamatter, can't New York tell the difference between good and bad Muslims...between good millions and bad millions? Are we too going to set that awful example of lumping all Muslims together and hating the whole lot of Paul and any number of "Good" Christians have whined that Muslims do??? Hmmmmm??? What do you say...Christians??? "What's say, "delete and ban the bum?"

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