Jackie's M.O.....no NOT her profession

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Posted by parhad ( on October 11, 2001 at 21:02:46:

It means, "modus operandi"...method of operating...way of doing things etc. She used to confide the most godawful stuff to me about people I knew, "in confidence", then go tell people who knew me, the most godawful stuff about me, also in confidence. The advantage to this was that when I met someone she'd told things about me to...and they met me and had been told awful things about me by her....each of us would look sideways at the other...both afraid to ask, "did you really kill your childrern and eat them"?

It's a nisty old method of control...she has lots of them. I know awful things about a lot of you...most of them not true...as you've been told things about me.

This too will come out...for it was used to damamge my professional reputation...you see, gossip and innuendo is one thing...but you try to ruin someone's hallowed EARNING capacity, and you've broken the law...seriously.

I met someone I hadn't seen for some time recently and as we had to work together I felt compelled to come clean and tell what Jackie had told me, "in strictest confidence"...that's supposed to put us on OUR "honor" when dealing with someone so devoid of the article herself as to reveal things she wheedles out of those flattered to be befriended by TWO Mercedes Benz', or flat out fabricates from whole cloth, assured that you'd be too embarrassed to repeat them to that person, or anyone else.

I was uncomfortable knowing such an intimate thing and suspected that it wasn't true...and of course worried over what he might have been told about ME... and felt I had to clear the air between us...another benefit to her in doing this for it makes the rest of distrust each other, avoid eye contact, squirm and come to feel only comfortable with HER, the one who started the whole thing in the first place. As I began to relate the story, hesitatingly and cleaned up a bit, I could tell by the reaction that none of it was true, at least not the sensational and scurrilous parts...the "best" parts she saved for her "cherished dupes". It took us both a while to recover and the observation was made by the other, that Jackie was, "a dangerous woman". Not really...a sad one, a frustrated one, one who was probably never welcomed as a girl and fought to outdo the boys all her life. She can have THAT victory...I'll settle for the one in court.

The day is coming Lady, it's coming as surely as you thought no one would dare do the simple thing of making you repeat your statements under oath...in front of people, for the public record. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

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