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Posted by Catch of the day ( on October 11, 2001 at 22:56:33:

The media coverage of this war by the USA and UK against Afghanistan is pathetic. we have not seen much more than a green screen with few flashes of lights, and a couple of unrecognizable satellite pictures of a sand dome.
We are living in a time when the media in the West has grown to an amazing size an technical abilities, yet
We see nothing.
The US planes, and the bombs have cameras, yet we see nothing.
We are in an age were a kid has a digital video camera, and is able to take professional quality films of the minute the planes hit the WTC, yet we see very little from Afghanistan after 4 days of bombing.
Is it because the pictures of a B2 bombers throwing 2500 pound bombs, on an Afghani Mud Shack look too terroristic ? I do not know, but clearly the American media, and American people are agreeable with this cover up, and no one really care.
We have seen more pictures and video from war world II, when they have limited technology than we have from Afghanistan in 2001.
Not only that, but they want to shut down Al-Jazeera (The Island) TV Arab station, because unlike the American media it has been providing free speech to all sides.
Al-Jazeerah repeatedly have shown president Bush, Rumsfield, Powell, and others speeches, in full, and with accurate translation, unlike the translation the CNN, NBC....provided for Ben Laden speech.
More over Al Jazeera made interviews with pro-Israel Jews like The Current White house speaker Ari
Fliescher, and the previous one Ruben, and with Larry Eigelburger.....
Yet the American demanded from the Amir of Qater to shut up Al Jazeera because it showed Ben Laden speech ! They call this Propaganda ? What do they call then the Voice Of America, and the BBC.......which enter every Arab house in the Middle East.
I do not care about Ben Laden speech, but if we are going to listen night and day to the bastard Richard Perle,
and Steven Emerson telling us that Ben Laden did this because he hate our way of life, and hate our Democracy, then we might as well hear from Ben Laden himself about why he did his criminal act, certainly Ben Laden doesn't care about his image in the US, or about making the American happy, and he is more likely to tell the truth.
We have seen what they did to Peter Arnet who dared to show the bombed Milk Factory in Iraq (as if that was the only civilian thing they bombed), this time there will be no Arnet, and the next time a small weak country
like Panama, or Granada is crushed, we will not even know about it.

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