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Posted by Catch of the day ( on October 12, 2001 at 01:46:29:

I heard today on NPR, that a delegation of Iraqi Kurds arrived to Washington, to ask the administration to bomb Iraq, claiming that the terrorist Kurds the so called "Jund Al Islam" are sent to Iraq by Ben Laden, and so according to this evil story Iraq has connection with Ben Laden, and so should be bombed.
Those Iraqi Kurds (headed by a man called Saleh) know that it is the innocent Iraqi people who will suffer from such bombing (maybe except for the Kurds, who are located in certain Kurdish areas of North Iraq, like Talbani, and Barzani areas, who are likely to escape such bombing).
We know that these "Jund of Islam" are nothing but one of the factions of the Kurd gangs, they are like the other Road Bandits Kurdish Bashmerga. The so called "Jund al Islam" actually is nothing but the fanatical Islamic Kurds of the area of Halabja, they are a combination of Islamic pro-Iranian Kurds like Kurdish Party of God, and Dawa, whom Saddam Gassed during the Iran-Iraq war, the one the West always refer to when they said "He gassed his own people".
But now all the sudden those same Kurds, are not even the Kurds "own people", all the Sudden even Talbani, and Barzani do not consider these Iranian Kurds "their own people", but Terrorists, and criminals, because they attacked them.
The smart Iraqi Kurds thought of a genius fabricated story, as they watched the US anger about Ben Laden, they decided to call the Iranian Islamist Kurds, a "Ben Laden Kurds", as if Ben Laden dropped them over on Iraq by Parachutes, just in time for the Sept 11 incident.
These so called "Iraqi" Kurds ran to Uncle Sam today to cry about an Iraqi connection to Ben Laden, taking advantage of the fact that all Kurds look exactly like Afghani, and Americans can not tell the difference between an Indian Sikh, and a Muslim Arab.
Of course there are too many Zionist like "Wolfy" who are happy to use the Iraqi Kurd Genius story to promote war on Iraq, they will ride the intelligent Iraqi Kurds like a horse all the way to their hidden agenda of destroying the country of Iraq.
These Kurds like Saleh, may be intelligent, but they are certainly not "Our own people"
Here is the title of the news " Analysts Question Iraqi Kurd Claim of Bin Laden-Saddam Link"
it is available today only in audio from this page
" http://news.npr.org/us.html"
the link is on the right hand corner.

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