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Posted by parhad ( on October 12, 2001 at 07:10:46:

To Peter and David

If it is a matter of giving a (real) name and email address, then I can cheat you by registering an email account by hotmail or any free service and I come with an Assyrian name, such as Zaia Nisan, Albert Rasho, Johnson David, etc..

>>>You miss the point entirely, or rather you gloss over one is asking you to pick a true sounding FAKE name...we are asking you to be honest, something you seem to think is merely a matter of a "good show". We all know you can present a fake identity, as you have...we're asking you for the real thing, not a better lie.

I didnít and I will not do this childhood deceiving step. I refuse to act this deceiving incredible way, therefore I adopted (Assyrian) as my (nickname). I am really Assyrian. I am not a liar and I will not be a liar who can hide behind any (real) Assyrian name.

>>>"English" isn't your only handicap...speaking honestly seems to trip you up as well. How is it deceiving childhood to tell your real name...and why wouldn't you want to? By all means don't be a liar any longer...don't hide behind any name, neither Kurd, Spanish OR Assyrian.

The question is not WHO is asking, but WHAT is been asked. It is similar to the way used in most of the Assyrian audiences when the people write their questions (with or without their names) on small sheet of papers. The questions are collected and forwarded to the lecturer to answer.

>>>You're absolutely right. It is the same, that's why it sucks now and sucks then. In this case what is being asked, over and over and with complete disregard for either the answers provided or the harm intended to innocent people who have enough to contend with without having your lies added to their cares...shows us exactly WHO is cannot be anyone with an ounce of common decency OR Assyrian blood in his veins.

So, consider my questions as written on a sheet of paper and introduced to this forum to have answers of them. (If there is any one who has any answer).

>>>You don't set the parameters or the agenda...we'll consider things the way they appear to any sane are being as cagey and evasive in everything you've claimed, including your suggestions on how best we can go about performing a lobotomy on ourselves, as you've been in your math homework...why would we do that, what have we got against Iraqi Assyrian and non-Assyrian children that we should adopt your techniques?

I said it earlier and I repeat again:

>>>If repitition made for truth we would have believed you are Assyrian long ago. It takes more than repeating...we've repeated ourselves ad nauseum too...did it do you any good?

I will never give my real name as I have family members in North Iraq and I have to concern about their security.

>>>You are a lying, bullshit and hate filled man as ever there was. To parade your "concern" for family members back there in front of us as an excuse to continually jeopardize the lives and health of OTHER families back there just about settles your case. Just why should your family matter more to you than the families surrounding yours? If you were exposing a lie OVER THERE and feared for your family, at the exclusion of other families might make some sense. But you are claiming there is a lie OVER HERE. OR Do you suppose we're going to think that ZOWAA or some other Assyrian entity will punish your family, is that what we're supposed to think? If the rest of your family resemble you, let them hang too... it's no loss to us.

>>>A man who risks the well being of others in order to "save" his own family is not an Assyrian, not in my book fella...he is a Christian dog and worse. I'd hide my name too if I had your character.

The forum visitors became quite sure that there is no willing to give the answers for the questions. You know WHY? Very simple: the answers are not pleasant to be released!!!!

>>>Quite the contrary dear ASS(The abbreviation fits you much better than the name),they see the answer and recognize it as the same one you've recieved before and they've seen before. They also realize that the man whose two quotes you misrepresent in order to do your math, gave others which clearly explained what only you seem to be in doubt of...why not include all his quotes? You really aren't "in doubt" about know damn well what we allege about you is true, you aren't fooled by your silly math problem's us you hope to fool or cast doubt into.

They can conclude that your attempt to escape the questions by such funny excuses asking the real name and email address is a confirmation for the questions!!!

>>>You hope they can conclude that...honestly, you guys sound like cheap Eastern Bloc "agents" using those antiquated "intelligence" devices that made you the laughingstocks in countless books, cartoons and movies. Hey Boris, how's Natasha?

>>>Who is escaping anything? You got your answer several the "question" again and you'll get the same answer. What answer do you think exists...I mean what are you implying...that Narsai is bright enough to steal 90K, but too stupid to watch how he "exposes" his trick? What do YOU suppose happened to the 90K that's "missing"?

>>>Okay fella...where IS that 90K????

In a way I have to thank you as your funny excuses confirmed the suspicious links of Mr. Fredrick Matti and others!!!

>>>It didn't do any of that Ghassan.

Come forward. Go through the report of Fredrick Matti. Answer the questions.

>>>You answer them. We don't do things at your command.

You are funny, David. What has the Assyrian boy who died of a blood disease to do with Fredrickís report and his links to Iraqi security forces?

>>>Not a damn thing, exactly the point. Take your reports and questions and shove 'em...we have other things to occupy us, like that boy and the other children waiting their turn.

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