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Posted by parhad ( on October 12, 2001 at 07:55:49:

Did you know that the root word in "testimony"...as in "testify", "attest" etc...is "testicle"? I kid you not.

That's because in them old old days, men would reach over and touch each other's testicles while making an oath, confirming the truth of what they were saying. Conference "calls" must have been interesting. I mean how often would you want to lie if you had to grab some guy's nuts every time?

In those days Jackie's testimony of course wouldn't even be heard...no woman's testimony was acceptable because, well you figure it out. But today, in this enlightened age her testimony will be welcome, by me especially. It's Alphonse and Alladin and the others I'm worried about, the "male" others. What will they swear by?

I also want to hear them answer this question when asked why I was not allowed to sell when the other artists were..."well, he just wants MONEY for his work"!! Most Judges, lawyers and prosecutors, jury members, the court stenographer, janitors, cafeteria workers, secretaries, dog cathers and company owners and employees all want the same thing for their work. Why, the judge will wonder, is it a "crime" when a sculptor wants to be paid for HIS work?

Because these people are all amateurs at what they do, do for "us" I mean, they hotly resent and are therefore suspicious of the fact that I expect to be paid a fair price for my work. They don't equate working within the community with the "real" work they do in their businesses etc. And that simple fact has been our downfall.

If Jackie ran her company the way she runs us...we'd be where we are today and she'd be looking for work...all of us are amateur Assyrians. If I ran my "business" along those same lines, I'd be great friends today with Jackie and John and Carlo and Alphonse and Sargon. We would understand each other perfectly.

I'm the one person we have who HAS to get it right because my very work, as the well being of my family, depends on how best I perform. And I'm good enough at what I do. If these people weren't what they are, they would know how to use me to all our benefit, instead of trying to use me to shore up their positions or destroy me when they perceive a threat.

The standards I have to set for my work, the standards which exist in the world of professional artists, writers and sculptors, dancers, musicians etc...are anathema to the amateurs who want to remain the only standrad of measurement for "working for Assyria" that you'll ever hear of. THAT'S why I was stopped and am banned etc. I'm the one who shows them up for what they are...children operating a lemonade stand do better than these guys at running our "nation". It bothers them not at all that they can't read, write, spell, compose coherent sentences, produce a logical, well thought out paragraph..or do any real work at all. Like children playing office they scribble unintelligible letters to presidents and heads of State that make you want to run and hide. No WONDER so many capable and refined and competant Assyrians deny what they are, while the few who understand come anyway because they "hope" things will improve, stand around at conventions looking like they lost their best friend...and they have.

The qualified professional Assyrians who still bother to show up have strained themselves as far as they're willing to just by showing up. They're not about to rock the rotten boat we occupy, the one these leaders would have us sail an ocean in. By professional I don't mean someone who has a proffesion, a job etc. I mean someone who could be an Assyrian...professionally. Someone who would bring the same qualities and forces to bear on "being Assyrian" as they would to a teaching post, or as head of a company.

Jackie is a bank clerk who was promoted to financial officer...her world is money and accounting, and as that she would make a good accountant or treasurer. But that's as far as she would go in any "professional Assyrian" manner. She has no leadership qualities except the fact that she dangles money in front of people all too easily impressed by that article...or she threatens to ruin people if they oppose her. This is fine leadership if you are a Mongolian marrauding chieftan.

But to make your own personal whims, your likes and dislikes, your "in people" and your "out people" the sole basis of your "policy" decisions shows you are unfit. And she, like the rest of them KNOW they are unfit. That's why they labor like champions to shut out anyone against whom their inadequacies would glare and cry out. I was "good" as long as I was neutral and could be used to enhance her standing, and that of John or others. I became "bad" when I insisted they act in a professional manner towards this Heritage.

In court they have only professionals.

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