CD are victims too

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Posted by Ir@qi ( on October 15, 2001 at 23:18:29:

Thank you Sam D, and Jeff for remembering our people in Iraq. The innocent children of Iraq who are being killed with malnutrition, and diarrhea are victims just like the people killed in the Pentagon, on 9/11/01.
It is one of the highlights of the US hypocrisy is to call its victims in Iraq "Collateral Damage".
Would the American people accept calling the military victims of the Pentagon "Collateral Damage" to the War, that the terrorist have said they initiated in response to years of injustice, occupation, and Genocide ? (the president called the Sept 11 attacks a War).
We are against terrorism of all kinds and shapes, and the worst terrorism is what the US/UK did in Iraq, when they bombed the Water purification system, and the sewage system of Iraq, practically using a Germ warfare on Iraq, worse than any of these baby powder stuff they are talking about this week.
A CNN documentary I saw, obtained classified British military documents in which the British Intelligence agency warned that hitting the water, and sewage facilities in Iraq will result in widespread deadly health problems in Iraq, and duhhhh! that is obvious, as it is obvious that this will not affect Saddam Hussain who drink Coke Classic, and use marble bathrooms.
So these Human Rights defenders they knew they were killing the defenseless Iraqi Children, and not Saddam, when they bombed their clean water source, yet they went to a great effort to do it.
They did this in conjunction with a total criminal plan, which included destroying the electricity factories, and just think about what happen to food without refrigeration, and to child with a fever in a 125 degree Baghdad summer. And with the sanctions, medicine became out of the reach of most Iraqis income (average family income is $3 a month), sanctions on Chlorine, and Vaccines....all this to get a maximal BAG out of this Germ, and Chemical warfare they quietly, and covertly used against the people of Iraq.
And the result is a half million Iraqi children dead, and millions more with brain damage from malnutrition, and a health time bomb from the depleted uranium.......
As we feel sad for the victims of the WTC, let us not forget the "Collateral damage" in Iraq.

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