In The Name of The Father

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Posted by parhad ( on October 17, 2001 at 18:45:49:

America has been preparing for a Religious War for some time. The Right Wing Religious nuts have been kept at bay because we have a document that separates them from the rest of us when it comes to running a government. In Islam and Judaism there is no such document and they've been gearing up and at war for far longer. But it's coming here too.

I love how they say war and fighting are a part of everyone ELSE"s nature but Americans and Europeans. They about killed each other off with religious wars for the last four hundred years and the reason the Washingtons and Madisons and all them folk came to America was to escape religious persecution and that's why they so wisely wrote it into the Constitution that Congress would make NO laws regarding religion..that how you got to heaven or even if you got there, was your problem, NOT the government's.

After Christians decided being Christian, steeped in amity and blood, wasn't enough they had a Reformation which gave them the excuse and the two opposing teams to go to war with each another and they killed and slaughtered and butchered enough to make anyone but a Christian blush, and the fact they did it all in the name of the Prince of Peace is just delicious Irony, you know they didn't mean it.

Now why can't Christians just leave the rest of the world alone? They hardly have three of them who agree to a thing...was Christ OF the Father or THROUGH the it to be wine AND bread NO CHEESE...or only wine, or only bread? Is it Houmossian or it with three fingers or two? These are all patently absurd reasons to kill each other, that's all any religious doctrine is that derives from Judaism...and Islam and Christianity have that same bloody and insane ancestor.

A common sense and practical approach to the whole thing is to respect children and babies. That's all you need do. They don't care, they don't know...whether they are on one team or another means nothing until the opposing coaches get a hold of them and train them to hatred of the other, which is what loving your OWN god really comes down to. It's loyalty to YOUR side that makes religion such a favorite with the State.

All the Good that man and woman ever invented is shared by everyone on this is the single perrogative of no one religion, though they all act like helping an old lady to cross a street is a basic Law of THEIR own religion. It's the other crap, the ritual and bombast and petty nonsense that truly reflects their own unique creeds and creeps and THAT stuff is what this is all about.

A decent human being knows that when he or she condones the slitting of the throat on any other child belonging to any other religion or people...he has set the knife's edge against his own child's throat as surely as if he held there himself. We have taught people how to hate us...we are the ones who set this whole thing up, and we're the ones to be "saved" from the results, or even the knowledge of what we did to get here. remind you of Simele???

According to our activists we never did a foolish thing in our lives...we just trusted and loved and showed goodness...and LOOK at how those barbarous Muslims treated us!! That's the main reason I'm being kept off aina and deleted like mad by Hanna. It isn't the foul language, it never's because I don't buy into the Islam as DEVIL notion they do, even though I have as much if not more actual reasons to "hate". I see that it is the same old dog of a man who does these cruel and stupid things, hide behind a religion as he may. Any religion.

They thought they were in heaven now because America the Bold and Dumb would declare an open Jihad against Islam and do their dirty work for them, they could continue to bat their baby brown eyes and say, "who US...why we're just them GOOD old Christians." Right, the good ones who send others to kill the babies in Iraq so you might "get" your country damn silly fools...YOU were there at Simele all gave this same advice back turned treachery into an Art and you want to do it again...and THAT'S why you sweat and faint when I write cause it's so damn easy to expose the kind of Christian you REALLY are!!

Americans have to somehow wake up and realize that this country isn't run for the benefit of Americans. The kinds of terror and wanton cruelty this country has spread around the globe for generations, brought to such a razor's edge of meaness and despicability in the treatment of the Iraqi children, and their innocent parents...are unprecedented, even for Uncle Sam. Did we really expect people to take and take, especially when they know exactly what is going on and you do not? There should be no surprise at all in America, none at all, except maybe that it took so long to come.

No army will ever again match America in the the Revolutionary army couldn't hope to match the British. Old George won because of disease and an altogether new way of fighting wars. In no fair fight could the Revolutionaries have defeated the Redcoats...each time they tried a "normal" approach, they were defeated and badly too.

It's that way now. It would be Madness for these new revoluntionaries to go head to head with the bristling armaments America and the West have at their disposal, thanks to YOUR silence and taxes. These weapons will buy you no security, no sleep at night, no confidence that your children will gorw up safe...and why should they when equally dear and precious children can have their lives snuffed out with only a whimper and a scream, issuing from their own terrified lips? Why excatly should Americans be safe to grow and live and love? You may think you deserve to, you may think your god owes it to you or promised it to you...but so do other people, and the madness you do will be done to you...and the whole world knows it to be true and it has been true in every age and stage of history, as it will be again, and everyone knows it now's just that some people ONLY want money and power and they have nothing better to do than get it any way they can, the hell with you and your kids.

The Taliban, Bin Laden, and babies not yet born, will learn the lesson you've gone broke trying to teach...that we will not sit down and talk openly and fairly, we will not pay any heed to your suffering or grievances, we will not even try to learn more about you and your customs and religion until you do something really big to get our attention. 5000 dead is just a beginning.

They will not fight in the open because they know they can't win. Knowing they can't win no matter what, and that the choices left are dishonor and then death anyway, they will choose, and in increasing numbers too, to have a little honor, a little respect among their own people...they don't give a good goddamn what you think of them...and then die.

Never ever put someone in a corner where their life only has meaning left to it if they can take yours and now, those of the ones dearest to you, with them as they go down as they know they must inevitably fall. It's been done just in the name of greed and more profits for some...but still it is YOUR fault because you vote, because you have a choice and if you choose to throw it away you're more guilty than all of those who live in dictatorships where they have no voice for moderation and only Extremists are willing to do what it takes to gain power, even at the cost of their own people's well being, because the alternative is to completely cave in.

Iraqi parents and Saudi parents and Afghani and Pakistani parents, and their children, have no voice in their governments...and you can look to the WEest to see where a good part of that blame goes as well. But you in the West do have choice. All they have is a "breaking point" and they are being pushed beyond it in order to provide the excuse to rob them some more for the benefit of a few...not you "Dear Americans" Exxon and the rest care so much for, but a few...and these few now have ready access to politicians and through them to the armed might of nations which they can easily manipulate as they have in the past. You will die for nothing more than someone else's profit, though you'll be convinced you died "protecting" your family and honor. Poor fools that we are.

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