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Posted by parhad ( on October 18, 2001 at 12:25:30:

In Reply to: Re: Adios Amigos posted by Ir@qi on October 16, 2001 at 00:42:26:

: Mehico !!!! Heysos Christ ! What takes you there ?
: Any way I feel jealous, I always wanted to live on a farm, surrounded by chicken running around, where I can drink hot fresh squeeze milk, and eat dark yellow tasty eggs. No traffic, no fake humans, with fake smiles.......

So come over. I'll save a smelly chicken for you.

: Certainly I would not like to be in SF, a rich expensive city, whose down town filled with homeless people, steep sliding roads, and too many gays, which make your social life a pit complicated. And Earthquakes as a bonus.
: Of course every place has its pluses, and minuses.

I don't live in SF, haven't for hour north in wine country, but that was then, this is now. As for gay people, I have to tell you I don't give a good goddamn who screws what or why. There isn't a thing Gay people do in private that Heteros don't. And as for being sissies, I know a gay woman in Seattle that could settle any twenty Assyrian men in a minute. It does none of us any good to point a finger at others. I was discriminated against and hated enough in the MidEast that I decided never to do that to anyone, for any reason. Most people just decide on their own personal reason to dislike someone else...there is NO good reason to dislike people for the things they can't one in their right mind would shoose to be Gay...and what an awful word that is to describe what we put them through. They are Gay like I am not because that's the way we are born...I respect them for the incredible courage it takes to come out and live the life they were meant to takes some special kind of GAY GUTS to be able to do that. They have helped all of us out by making the Law more fair as hard of a fight as that's been. They are people first, before they are Christian or Moslem or Jew, OR Gay.

: In Mexico with the poverty, and drugs you are likely to see more crimes, and corruption. So do not flash Mocho Dollares in front of the
: neighbors, and keep you statues locked up, and be careful about what your kids are doing with the Kids of the Hood, it starts with drinking Takila, and end with smoking pure Columbian Coke.
: Other than that the Mexicans are good hearted people, who have a lot of the ME people qualities, but more simple, and less aggressive, Well any way this is my impression, and I am sure you know more about them than I do.

>>>You are right, they are very good people and I feel at home among them, even if I can't speak the language yet. They are decent, hardworking and they love to party and why not? They don't have to ramrod of success driven up their arses from birth. I also feel safer here than in America...people forget that America is the most violent country on earth, and in history. America has killed mnore of its own people and others than any other ancient empire could have is the murder capital of the world. I don't worry about drug use...I teach them about it and let them one is SWEPT away by drugs...they were already headed in that direction...idiocy is the first "gateway" drug.

: Many Canadians spend the summer in Canada, and the Winter in the US, so that is one option for you.

: God Luck, and keep us informed how you like it there....

>>>I like it fine...but I'll be a lot happier when we get the damn horse out of his hotel. Last night we stayed in one place, the horse in another, and the cats and dog in a motel 150 miles away...this is getting ridiculous...but we should cross over today...Moses had it easy.

: : We set out on the hour for Mexico...a horse, a dog and seven cats, plus some animals. I expect to have to answer questions at the border such as..."why you leeeev now" which yoors trooly answers, "cause I couldn't get out of here BEFORE"!!! And if they ask me why it's an "Arab" horse...I'll reply that American Jackasses don't travel well.

: : I wish you all the best...will try to keep in touch on the road via Kinkos and let you all know when we get there...for, as Gertrude Stein said when asked about Assyrians in The "Diapers"...."there ain't no 'there' there."

: : David, you're getting far too excitable, posting all over the place...Doc, I suppose no news is good news, Sam and Melody, keep doing that voodoo that yoo doo so well, and Jeff, get a job, get a haircut and get out of town. Come back Ir@qi, when it's safe agin and the rest of you who's identities are a myetery to me, and maybe you too...keep on keeping on....

: : Via con Dios and Hasta La vista Baby!

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