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Posted by parhad ( on October 18, 2001 at 12:47:49:

It isn't a privelege any more. Oh it is if you want to get the "best" of everything, only it's going to cost you even more lost sleep than it did before. Now you too will be worrying about more than just paying bills and where to drive that car on your one day off. You too can join people around the world who've gotten used to expecting a bomb to go off, or a child to not come you never thought you'd have to worry about anthrax with your Readers Digest Sweepstakes announcement.

Just be sure you credit the right people. It isn't the Taliban or Bin Laden doing it to you, that's what Bush whats us to isn't them who started this wasn't terrorists who settled down on America, not then at was the West nesting its machinery of death and dominance in their lands which helped drive some of them mad and made others even richer.

You need to diagnose something properly before you can see what to do for a cure. Right now Bush is telling you that the pain in your heart and the constriction of your collective assholes is caused by a receeding hairline, and that's just not so. There's a damn good, or rather understandable reason as to why these things are finally coming back to haunt the people who sent them over there in the first place. Malcolm said it...he said America's chickens were just coming home to roost...that what America dished out for years...the violence it has used and the total disregard for the feelings of people it wont even consider human...has finally been brought home to its own shores. Now YOUR children have no meaning...YOUR weddings and anniversaries are no longer sacred...YOUR plans to retire are worthless, and on and on.

There is some temporary advantage in being ignorant and stupid to boot. It keeps you from seeing where you're going, and it also keeps you from seeing what's happened with depressing regularity when people have behaved this way in the past.

Dictators and Tyrants NEVER survive long...and as time has gone thy last less and less. The 1000 year Reich lasted about ten. Rome came and went, as did the Persians before them, the Greeks after and the Assyrians before them all. And all of them rotted and fell apart from this one will, as it began doing some time back. This one though, has a chance...but that all depends on its people...something the others had less of, the right to speak out, to be heard and maybe to matter.

Lincoln was right, no nation is attacked and destroyed by its enemies, they usually strengthen the people's resolve, as they pretend to be dtermined now. But there is indeed a rot at the has many facets, but you know the game is over when any nation, any people, descend to justifying the murder of innocent children in the name of their own right to drive cars...and it isn't even that for America has wealth enough to meet the needs of its people...what it doesn't have, what this world and the Galaxie and the entire Universe don't have enough of, is whatever it takes to satisfy those few who can never get enough, who only want MORE and MORE and care not what they lose in pursuit of it.

We were brought to this day by them...not by the Arabs or Islam. People can only take so much, as the Jews finally showed. When they get pushed beyond that, you yourself have set in motion your own destruction...they are merely the agents of the unconscious "death wish" each of us expresses when "things" begin to mean more than children. It isn't hard at all to undertand how we got here, or how to get away from what's staring us in the face.

There is no "WAR"...there is only the systematic murder and robbery of one group by another and any act, any whimper, any resistance any act of self-defence, let alone one of greeted with shock and disbelief. What the hell did you expect...what would you have done in their place.

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