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Posted by pancho ( on October 21, 2001 at 14:22:14:

To criticize the US is NOT to praise or like or love or tolerate the Taliban. Remember it was the US that first chose these poster boys for terrorist training...aimed at others. Just as with Saddam. We have every right to criticize the mentality that uses mad dogs and trains and encourages them and doesn't mind using them against you yourself don't mind as long as they kill the people YOU approve of. You guys just don't like it when I or others point out the gaping holes in your gaping minds and so you want us gone too. Anyone who disagrees with you is an enemy.

The United States started this battle a long time ago, and just because it has civillians killed through henchmen, as you have done in Iraq using these same henchmen and their trainers...doesn't mean the US is not the prime guilty party. In every law enforcement effort made the goal is to catch MISTER BIG, and not just the hit men...Uncle Sam is THE Mister Big, and if you don't know it or want to admit it because he's been killing civillians YOU don't happen to like...the rest of the world isn't fooled.

There isn't a damn one of you who would, or could, maintain these ridiculous arguments you do in here...anywhere else or with anyone with a basic fourth grade education and YOU KNOW IT! That's why Firas has to protect your Ass and keep me and others away from this Lunatic Asylum where history and words mean what YOU want them to...HEll, look how well your ideas have worked for you that you're so damn afraid of confrontation and conflict.

You guys don't exhibit a single quality ever recognized as Assyrian. You are cut-rate Christians who seek to shore up your lack of self-worth by tying your tails to the ancient Assyrian empire. Were Ashurbanipal to come today you would be the first to feel his wrath...and if Jesus came back you could get up on that damn cross and die with him a second time and plague us no more.

Now run to your mommies and daddies and tell them you want these "attacks" stopped...that every turd that issues from you should be coddled and respected and placed on a doiley for observation. Tell them to figure out which cantina I'm at and get that number blocked as well, you Blockheads. If that fails then you too start deleting my posts, as Hanna does and that bigest Bad scardy cat of all Ghassman..then you too will have proven how well qualified you are to speak to the issues you now blab and pontificate over when your ONE undeniable qualification is Cowardice of a rare and disgusting type.

Whatever you may sneak on here, once you know its safe...which will attempt to "tell me off"...just remember that it is I who has to go hunting you out...on your own you hide, and cower and whimper and piss and moan. You are NO Assyrians.

YOU and the United States will lose this non-war. You wont lose it because you have inferior'll lose it because those fighting you learned the lesson these same Americans did in don't fight a superior force face to shoot at them when you have a clear shot, in their backs or their children's backs. How dare the US come whining about dear innocent civillians killed, or you too for that matter...what are all the Iraqi and Assyrian, Moslem and Christian, children killed slowly before their parents eyes for all these years? What were they guilty of? What about their parents who have no voice, no vote, in the dictatorships America has been foisting on Third World Countries for generations? At least those who died in the towers and their families, can vote, can try to alter this insane policy of crushing humans as if they were vermin. Those who died in the towers are far more "guilty" than the parents in Iraq. When you all turned a blind eye to that killing most inhumane and barbarous YOU taught people what to do to you. And now you want to make monsters out of people who simply have had enough and said "no more" in about as effective and desperate a way as people as dense and barbarous as you have been to their suffering would understand.

And the poor bastards are going to pay a heavy price, but you left them no way out. Being the kind of Christians you are though, what would you know about Pride anyway? You derive your gratification from humiliation, and naturally can't understand people who can bear no more of the abuse that goes into buying the good life for only your children. Americans themselves understand this, and if they were allowed to know more would realize how the Islamic world has been wronged for years, generations and centuries by the West and is only now beginning to act in ways that might get through to your thick skulls...the sight of dying children didn't do it because they weren't YOUR children. Give it time, give it time.

Let me provide your answers for you......."Farhat, you are idiot ass and stoopid..go live with hat Christianity and are no good Assyrians tooo. We dont want you we are happi, we are good, we are write and right what we write to right because it is right and you no write what is right. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW????

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