Re: Israel use American boys to fight its wars

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Posted by pancho ( on October 22, 2001 at 14:59:41:

In Reply to: Israel use American boys to fight its wars posted by Catch of the day on October 21, 2001 at 23:26:35:

I am sick to death of this weapons of mass destruction crap we keep being fed. Who is kidding whom. Who made the damn stuff in the first place. Who gave it out for our pals to use against those we wanted it used on, or just for the fun of it. Who used more of that crap on the boys and girls of Vietnam than Saddam ever used. And if he had the damn things why didnt he toss them all over Israel when they were clobbering his army.

Do people NEVER think for they always want to get along and belong, be good and attentive boys and girls.

Israel plans for the future, and thats an understatement. As far as theyre concerned Greater Isreal could just as well include Syria and Iraq one day, say 500 years from now. It and the United States are only interested in destabilizing that area, as the United States was in messing up Indochina and South America before that. This crap about free trade and open markets is just that. The United States wants NO competition from anyone for land, mineral wealth, ports and harbors and now, slave labor and oil.

Peace is NOT in the interests of the United States at all...a constant low grade WAR is what they want with an occasional easy push over like Grenada or Cuba or Iraq or the taliban forrchrissakes, just to look good and test and advertise weapons.

But I will say it again...the Christians have everything coming to them the Jews can manage to do to them, thats why Israel stays pals, so no one will see it coming. The real crime here is that it was with the Arabs and Moslems that Jews enjoyed their greatest freedoms, and to repay them now like this hurts...but then they lived long enough among the Germans to learn how to do these sorts of things.

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