Farwell Mexico, Welcome Iraq

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Posted by Ir@qi ( on October 23, 2001 at 00:06:02:

In Reply to: Hola Amigos! posted by pancho on October 21, 2001 at 13:45:50:

Parhad Poverito !

No Internet connection ! Hessos Christ !
You might as well go to Iraq, they have Internet, clear skies, warm weather, and plenty of inspiration. and with the money you are spending in Mexico, and the Dollar in Iraq = 2000 I. Dinar you can live like an Assyrian King in a palace over looking the Tigris river.
You can use the scrub metal of the cluster bombs which the US dropped as a gift to the people of Iraq to make you statues. And you can use Depleted Uranium shrapnel to make the eyes of Ashur statue Glow in the dark.
Sure there are Iraqi secret service, but they are not much worse than the corrupt Mexican police, and the drug bandits. And in Iraq all you have to do is put a Saddam head on one of your kings statues, and but this Saddampanipal statue in front of your door, and you will be protected for life.
Sure Takeela is good, but so is Arak, specially when you drink it while eating Semach Maskoof (Barbecue fish) on Abu Nawas street in Baghdad.
Sure the Mariachi bands are Cheerful, but not as much as watching a Dabkka in an Assyrian Village in North Iraq, while drinking the cold mountain water, and eating those sweet, extra sweet figs.
Sure there are not those comforts, like electricity, and clean water, but not if you have Grengo Dollaries, true they do not have Symphony and Baseball team, but when was the last time you went to one.
And true they do not allow free speech except among 10 people at a time, but both of us have been banned from forums which has less than 10 people, even in cyberspace. Ask yourself when was the last time you felt safe in the US to go in public and peacefully demonstrate against the US starving of Iraqi children ?
You may ask why I am not moving to Iraq ! Will I did not move to Mehico either.
I am sure that were I will go eventually, first I want to learn from your experiment if I should go the Mexico.

: Here in Sunny Mexico, the country that knows how...

: If you ever think of driving a horse across the border into this country...DON'T.

: I'm going to find another Assyrian, or any illiterate Christian will do in a pinch, and start a World Mexican Universal Alliance. We're gonna have meetings and issue statements and I'm gonna write incomprehensible letters to the greatest World leaders I can find telling them all about me and the other guy in our organization and what we think should be done everywhere in the world but especially in Iraq, where somebody owes me something.

: Of course we'll become affiliates of the Federation so our declarations will carry some weight. I'll be posting the "hours" from our meetings, which will be held at Margarita's Gin joint and comfort station as often as we manage an upright quorum.

: The weather here is great...cool in the evenings and sunny all day and EVERY day from now until eight months from now. The light is ideal for working outdoors. Being about 7000 feet up the air is thin...makes it harder to climb hills but easier to get drunk faster. Being lighter the atmosphere also feels light and the blue of the sky has a "light" more transparant look to it.

: We have to finish up some details but I should be back to work soon. Hammurabi came with us and I'll be setting up the studio...a table outside under a shade tree next week. Fortunately, for all concerned, there is no internet access out at the "rancho" so I'll have to mosey on into town a couple of times a week. I'll write at home and bring it in to shoot at you...the added time between thought and posting might improve the quality, though I wouldn't count on it.

: There's a definite feeling of being "out" of it down here. I mean America's ridiculous pose that the world is jealous enough to commit suicide in envy. America goes nuts every few years and its population is getting less and less able to spot the symptoms...largely due to the fact that yesterdays "radicals" have mortgages to pay and their kids are clamoring for Disneyland and Pops and Moms don't want to be burned to cinders in Cinderella's Castle by some "jealous and envious" Crazy.

: Turns out what people are really buying into is their own eventual undoing, with a lot of candy and shiney objects thrown in their paths to keep them distracted. Enjoy yourselves.

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