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Posted by Repost of Parhat's ( on September 29, 2001 at 11:09:13:

In Reply to: A World Out Of Touch With Itself posted by Repost of Divid's on September 29, 2001 at 08:36:52:

It seems the height of insanity to vote even more power to those clandestine evil twins, the CIA and the FBI, who helped launch these terrorists in the first place.
These numbskulls set things in motion with very narrow goals in mind...the Taliban will fight communism, Saddam will fight Khomeini, who will fight
communism...without thinking ahead to what will happen when people trained and armed and directed to fight brutally...without regard to Law or collateral
damamge...what will these people do when "laid off" a Taxi??? Or will we solve the problem completely by killing what we created and no longer have a use
for...and of course lots of innocent people as well??

To fight this "new" terror...even more wide-ranging powers and mandates are being eagerly thrust upon the very agencies which brought us Saddam and Ossama
and the Gulf war and the war in Sudan, and any number of uglies...they will make us MORE vulnerbale, not less.

I never believed that politicians here EVER believed there was a threat from COMMUNISM. I mean they couldn't make enough butter for their own people or a
drill that worked...and they were going to BURY Capitlaism??

But they did see a benefit to our being AFRAID of communism, or something. The idea that there is a "Threat" out there, or better still, IN HERE, does so much to
enhance social control and increase the power and wealth of those who seek to govern us. The Church too needs its devil, and the "religious" people of America
have been acting as if the commies and now the terrorists and others, are "evil incarnate"...that's code for Satan, old Beelzebub hisself.

Since the fall of communism, (it was ever tottering and lord knows the US tried valiantly to prop it up as long as it could), there has been an "Evil" vacuum, a "Devil
Gap" if you will. modified as good Islam and Bad Islam...but definitely people of that region...has been designated as the next BIG EVIL. And true to
form, the American people are being fed another line, even more repressive measures are being gladly voted into place...and we are continuing down the path started
long ago, of dismantling our own glorious political structure and Constitutional guarantees...pesky things anyway to the Right and the real producers of weapons of
mass destruction...the Pentagon.

Sail on Oh ship of State.

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