Polos Ben 7Mar Takeela = O' Ben Laden, Arabs = Assyrians

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Posted by Ir@qi ( on October 24, 2001 at 00:17:14:

7Mar Polos Tleeqa, used to have a sense of humor when he used that funny name, hMar Polos Takeela the VXII. But even he thought that name is too silly, and changed it.
Few weeks ago some one posted a news paper report about Assyrians who were kicked out of a plane in the USA because they looked Assyrians, and it is illegal to look Assyrian, Arab, Muslim, or even Sikh in the USA these days.
The 2 Assyrian men told the News Paper that they are Arabs, that was their free choice to call them self Arabs, in a free country.
In my opinion, Assyrians are culturally as much Arabs, as any Arabs I know, we call the people of Somalia, and Mauritania Arabs (and they accept this too), when they are much less Arabs than Assyrians.
The modern Arab ideology, and character was formed by Assyrians like Michele Aflak the most important figure, and the Grand daddy of the modern Arab Ideology and movement.
The Assyrians came, and most of them live in what is today politically Arab countries.
The Assyrians certainly look like Arabs, Dance like Arabs, eat like Arabs, dress like Arabs, speak like Arabs, share history with Arabs, have married Arabs, ........etc, and even worship like Christian Arabs.
Sure there are some slight local differences, but as a matter of fact, most Iraqi Muslim Arabs look like, act, and behave like Assyrians, more than like a Yamani, or Algerian.
Back to that article, The 7Mar Tleeqa was very angry when he red that article post, not because how fellow
Assyrians were treated like a second class dogs (they allow dogs to fly on US planes if you did not know this), but The 7mar Polos was angry because these Assyrians chose to call them self Arabs.
Hell broke loose, and he was not the only one angry, but many in that racist Church Forum was.
None of them asked how could Assyrians with Assyrians names, dressed with a crosses be mistaken for A-rab, yet alone be treated like garbage and thrown of the plane even after they have pledged the allegiance to the US flag, and paid for the plane tickets, and have done nothing remotely illegal.
This clearly show that 7Mar Polos Tleeqa, and his likes do not care about Assyrians, they are Christian fanatics, just like Ben Laden, and like the Spanish who invaded south America, and burned and killed any Native Indian who did not convert to Christianity.

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