Re: I found this on Aina!!! [Repost from Mar Polos Tleeqa]

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Posted by Ir@qi ( on October 24, 2001 at 01:17:46:

In Reply to: Re: I found this on Aina!!! [Repost from Mar Polos Tleeqa] posted by pancho on October 23, 2001 at 13:01:19:

Polos Ben 7Mar Takeela think he is safe because you can not get hold of his picture, since no one will publish his picture any where not even in "MAD" Magazine. But sooner or later, and like any Christian fanatic he will be
in the news.
How many Christian fanatic has been caught being too friendly to the Church's cute boys, or with his hands in the cookie and Change Jar.
In the case of Takeela, he will have his picture posted, dressed in "Depend diaper", posted on a Carton of Milk, under missing people saying : Demented and confused, danger to himself and others, lives on a diet of hate, while he thinks he is the Prince of peace, REWARD if you find him and keep him.

: Who´d a thought the guy had a sense of humor. You can bet your sweet ass that were I in George Washington´s place, or he in Osama Bin Laden´s, we all three would have taken the only course open to us. You have to fight a battle with the most appropriate tools and methods at hand. For me, it would be silly to wear a wig, powder my nose and shoot people in the back somewhere in New England. It would be just as stupid for me to use any other sort of terror tactic.

: The only terror I use is to ask these Christians questions, which gives them the fan tods and they self destruct. It's really quite civilized on my part. No guns, no blood, just buckets of tears.

: As to being banned from the convention, just stick around and you're gonna see who has the last laugh.

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