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Posted by Ir@qi ( on October 24, 2001 at 21:45:51:

In Reply to: Re: A New Organization posted by Assyriana on October 24, 2001 at 20:23:41:

parhad it seems not even the thin air of Mexico can affect your great sense of humor.
{AMCWWUA} !!!! WOW ! Great start, please give my best to PepitoSargon, and PepeAtour, at least you don't have Polos Ben 7Mar Tequila there.
For this to be a genuine Assyrian organization, I think you should have a Flag for the organization and fight with the other members for few months about how the flag should look like, and then finally use your picture dressed as Ben Laden made by the hMar Polos, as the logo for the flag and all the organization stationary.
Also do not forget to put the Theme "Assyrians are NOT Mexicans" on the Flag, and all the stationary, and declare a WAR on any Mexican newspaper who calls you MexicanAssyrian Dude. It is this kind of WARS which will make you look good among the millions of AssyrianAssyrian people in Mexico, and will increase your membership subscription.
And do not forget to keep talking about the time tested issue "Assyrians are not Arabs" as your number one issue, number one struggle, number one problem, because no matter how many other important issues are there for the Assyrians, wither it is the "Melting Pot", drugs, Sanctions, or destruction of Artifacts, none of these is more important than to make it clear to the readers of the Chicago Tribune (who surely care) that Assyrians are NOT Arabs, or Afghani, and that the Cross they wear are just as Christian as those of the WASPS's.
Frankly even a drunk Mexican make more sense than many Assyrians/Chaldeanians "leaders" in the USA.
The pita bread issue is very serious, and would be as important a contribution to the Aztec community by Assyrians, as that of the Code of Hamorabi. All you have to do is to put 4 tortillas one on top of the other, and glue them together, and Voalah ! you have a pita bread.

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