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Posted by pancho ( on October 26, 2001 at 12:48:44:

In Reply to: Re: Response #1 posted by Jeff on October 26, 2001 at 00:18:11:

You compliment me. My task is different than David´s. I´ve set as my goal a house cleaning of epic proportions. One way or the other we are going to make a whole new class of Assyrians ashamed to own up to it, and not because the standards are embarrassingly low, but because we´re going to raise the stakes and those who were proud for no good reason, will now have every good reason to be ashamed and reluctant to make the wild claims they make now. And in addition we will give those hitherto ashamed to own up to their heritage every reason to wish to join us. In other words, we´re going to take back this Heritage.

As David has said so often...Assyrian is a verb, not a noun. With such small steps we are going to make people proud and eager to become actively involved in the guidance, preservation and promotion of what has to be one of THE treasures of this earth, Andreas Tleeka be damned and the whole host of Christians dogging our steps too, and that is our Assyrian Heritage. We will care for no religion, make no distinctions between East or North, country of origin or Formal Ejicayshun. Assyrian is as Assyrian does.

To this end the lawsuit I am initiating against the Federation and some of its affiliates and past officers will provide the means by which we will publicly expose the kinds of things that have been done behind cover of serving Assyrians. I promise you the offers to settle will fly fast and furious as the charges come out and the families and fellow members of those charged begin to think twice about all the questions I personally will put to each and every one of the people involved in trying to ruin the monuments and my career in hopes of maintaining their stranglehold on this community.

We´ve already approached Court TV and they have responded with a request for more details. And they´ll get them too, just as soon as the lawsuit is filed. They need something besides murder and rape cases and this one has Art and Fraud and a new ethnic identity and it has a cast of characters right out of Sleaze central who are going to have to explain for the public record, and NOT the minutes in a basement, why they removed a young Assyrian´s painting because of the color purple and how it is that the only professional sculptor the community ever produced, whose works are welcome and eagerly anticipated, has been blocked and lied about and cheated out of his rightful income for all the hard work he has done...wait until you see them on the stand trying to explain this and much, much, much more...for in a trial and if the charge is framed properly all sorts of things become relevant. This was a conspiracy and it can be proven and that, boys and girls, makes all the penalties that much stiffer.

Just call me the Cosmic Enema this community has needed for a long time...not a heroic metaphor, but then I aint up for Hero anyway. To give them the Runs will do.

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