On Bin Laden

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Posted by pancho ( on October 30, 2001 at 11:44:42:

There’s a lot of intellectual dishonesty around these places. There are also deceptions and out and out lies, but those are easier to spot. There’s also more dishonesty than intellect and I hope no one takes that as an attack or insult, never saw a touchier bunch. That last statement will of course lead someone to say my children are idiots and if I protest will respond well why are YOU so touchy. That’s what I mean. It’s like Raman saying that since I mentioned that my father served in the Iraqi army, fighting in Palestine in that war, fighting in the mountains against the Kurds, being decorated for valor several times by the Regent and barely escaping plots against his life mounted by jealous Moslem officers, going to America to study psychiatry and returning to Kuwait to become the Director of the Health Department and moving the British out of the last department of government there they occupied…that all of this justifies him in ferreting out the fact that my father must have been a traitor, was a martinet and raised his children along militaristic lines. That’s either poor penetration or poor wit and worse. The boys here frequently stoop to these sorts of personal attacks when all else fails, and all else has failed repeatedly, the only thing working in their favor being my inability to submit completely. Why would I submit at all, I am Assyrian.

Now why, when an army from Egypt or Yemen attacks someone, is it a Moslem attack. Why isn’t Bin Laden a Saudi Arabian, why is he known or referred to only as a Muslim, as in a Muslim fights back. Who refers to Colin Powell as that Christian who went to the Middle east, or a British jet fighter as a Christian airplane. Well actually I do, but only to point out the silly business of making everything any Arab or Egyptian does a religious issue while never referring to Western soldiers by their religious affiliation. I suppose this is supposed to convey the idea that they are all religious fanatics when they obviously aren’t…America should know, America will not deal with fanatics and has relations with Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait, Jordan and any number of Arab Muslim countries…allies it desperately needs.

This business about calling Tammurlaine a Moslem but not calling Pope Julius a Christian, when recounting their bloody deeds is foolishness institutionalized. Eisenhower and Hitler were both Christians…who calls either of them that when referring to their exploits. There is no fanatical Muslim nut that can’t be matched by a fanatical Christian nut, not a one. Calling to mind the barbarities of several centuries ago while not mentioning those committed by the West, the Christian West if you insist, against the East, the Muslim East if you insist, is trying to fool people into overlooking what has to be the first systematic war waged against children and their sickly parents, all of them civilians and all of them innocent and all of them having their lives slowly sapped from them in agony for lack of medication or food. To cover this Raman and the boys lay the blame on Saddam as if he was the first leader to care nothing for his people. It was Eisenhower himself who as a young graduate of West Point led a company to open fire on Veterans of the First World war who’d gathered in Washington to protest the curtailment of benefits promised to them by their own government when they enlisted to fight the good fight for democracy…and it bothered him. There was no Raman to call the man a traitor either, Americans wouldn’t stand for that and he would never dare offend them.

Saddam is not the first leader in history to care little for his own people. The United States is continually admonished by Amnesty International, the Pope and several well respected humanitarian agencies as being cruel to its prisoners, uncaring towards the millions of children who live on the streets and in the backs of cars and in cardboard boxes, and this not in a country being attacked for 12 years, but in the most affluent society ever. Saddam lead his people to achieve many worthy goals, reduced infant mortality, opened education and the professions to women, as did the Shah… and that boys and girls is what brought all this on. The Mideast is never supposed to achieve any independence from oil and Western meddling. The goal is to keep them bound by Taliban like forces or Mullahs or desperate tyrants, all of whom the US has supported and trained at some point or other.

The boys here having their own axes to grind join in with 1345 and 1765 and 1931, as if those compared to what is happening today. When else and where else BUT here would we seek to justify brutality today by saying it was in payment for that done 200 and 100 and 500 years ago. Is this supposed to be Christian charity or wisdom. Is this what Christ taught…that if they wrong you one thousand years ago, never forget it and take your revenge out on children if you can’t do any better. And do it whenever you get the chance, no matter how much time passes and even if all it will achieve is that someone will come looking for your children and so on and so forth. You don’t want innocent New Yorkers killed, stop killing innocent Palestinians and Iraqis, especially their children….you never know, they might target your children next and not your businessmen.

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