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Posted by pancho ( on October 31, 2001 at 11:50:26:

Every slight, every insult, every disparaging comment or action taken against the very root and foundations of our Assyrian Heritage… is an attack…either a direct one or an indirect one. If sides are being chosen for a game among children or a place of honor among adults and the Assyrian Heritage is left out of the game or denied its due… that is an attack. When textbooks refer to our ancestors as cruel savages famous for their bloodlust and cruelty, that is an attack. To imply in any way that our ancestors were more barbaric, by today’s standards, than the norm for their day… is an attack…to omit to mention that they were far ahead in many ways… is also an attack. To suggest that there was something wanting in their religion and world view that was any more skewed or bizarre than those held by their neighbors, of that day… is an attack. To fail to mention that in many ways they were superior to their neighbors in these ways… is also an attack. To say that any other deity at that time was in any way intrinsically better than our own… is an attack. To imply that we were fortunate to have rejected our own complex and refined religion for any other… is an attack. To say that the culture we developed at the very dawn of history… the morality and the very attributes of loving and therefore protective parents who cared not only for their children and their families, but for their homelands as well, was somehow something now to be ashamed of… is an attack. To say that to adopt the cast off religion of a People none too friendly towards us, whose holy book contains curses aimed at us, wherein there are hopes expressed for our eventual destruction and complete annihilation…which means the killing of our children…and that this was a blessing because it bought us eternal life… is an attack. To point to our history since that fateful day and paint it in glorious colors or in any but the depressing and somber tones it assumed is an attack and a lie of monumental proportions.

If I should chance upon someone beating your child and beat the attacker off, am I too called an attacker. Who is it I attack but the one who was attacking your child.

Assaults come in many forms. They are not always easy to distinguish and often it’s only from the accumulated effects over time that one becomes aware an assault had been taking place. The man with a cudgel who attacks you on the street is easy to spot. The one who wears away your dignity and your child’s sense of self worth is much harder to see, though ultimately the damage inflicted by him will be far more profound in its lasting effects, for it will not be recognized until the damage is complete and you will never have the chance to defend yourself till you’ll be past caring. This is the position we find ourselves in today. We are constantly being reminded of the men with cudgels and knives and guns who assaulted us eighty and three hundred years ago…and all the time we don’t see how we were poisoned from within, how we were taught to look upon those beatings as marks of distinction, to accept them as our just portion, for didn’t our Lord suffer beatings, and didn’t he sacrifice mother, siblings, father and family to go chase a reward of everlasting damnation.

How much should we sell our children for today. Apparently we weren’t averse to trading them in for a reward, we only haggled over how much of a reward. We wont sell them for silver or gold, they are too precious, we wont sell them for fame and renown, they are too dear, we wont trade them in on better ones, they are a part of our own flesh and blood. We are like the whore, who has no scruple against selling herself, but only wants the right price. What people in their right minds, what people on earth would extol that mother from hell who allowed her children to be slaughtered…and for what…you tell me. Someone obviously figured out her price, what she would sell her dear children’s lives for…it was to be faithful to a jew carpenter and be admitted to his presence, where she could revisit the children whose terror she did nothing to assuage on this earth, their throats still dripping blood for eternity. What a joyous reunion that must have been.

These myths and conglomeration of nonsense that we have been fed as children, when we believed in tooth fairies as well, have done their damage all these years. But there is hope, for if anything is blissfully losing ground among us as well as others in the West, it is any serious belief in the morality taught at a time when people were afraid to bathe and thought the world was flat. I wouldn’t take direction from such prophets on boiling an egg, let alone what my purpose on this earth was to be, or how I should value my children.

If I attack, it is the attacker I attack. I attack him to protect my Heritage from the almost certain doom it faces, one which those who gave you your Christianity said right there in the book you all kneel to, that your complete destruction as Assyrians would one day be brought about. They allowed you to live on as Christians as a reminder to the world that your own ways had been wrong…for look here, look how glad you all are to have renounced them, as even Ross praised you. And you have finally been brought to exactly that point foretold…while your Christian partizans keep you blind to today’s reality by reminding you of 1578 and a gunshot in 1931. No People are ultimately destroyed only from without, they bring their own demise on themselves, usually by neglecting the care of their young. Not until you were brought to help pay for your own destruction and the very heart and core of your ancient Heritage, could you be done away with. Today you serve Western Christian interests, all the more upsetting because they are indeed hypocritical and therefore should be shunned by you, not utilized…and you serve Israeli interests, and you take every chance to blame the Assyrians of BetNahrain for having brought this down on their own heads. You stand by silently, you protest your petty indignities, you resent being called Arabs when the world knows you not, and in all likelihood will never hear from you again. You are fulfilling Hebrew scripture in your mad dash to also fulfill Christian doctrines…you are wiping yourselves off the face of the earth and you do it in your cities in America , in your petty ass clubs and organizations which make a laughingstock out of this great name, and you do it on the battlefields and killing fields and infant morgues in your own homelands.

Who is attacking.

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