Re: Fred, you need to be sitting down for this one.

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Posted by pancho ( on October 31, 2001 at 17:56:11:

In Reply to: Fred, you need to be sitting down for this one. posted by Stella on October 31, 2001 at 16:36:47:


You have been a good angel to me. This is exactly the sort of thing we are building our legal case on...that there has been a conspiracy between these people...the AANF the AUA and others to slander me and ruin my reputation and earning capacity all with the intention of driving me away. This letter of yours will help the case immensely. We will also bring up how Homer Simpson asserted, based on his expertise, that the helmet I made on Sargon the Great was all wrong..was a Viking Helmet because of the horns and how I had to agree to cut them off...though in Narsaiīs piece they are there in all their glory. We will also present the Time Magazine article with the latest discoveies about the Vikings and how they NEVER had horns on their helmets...including the photo on the front cover of that magazine which shows a Viking in the new and true version of their helmets...with NO horns,...and a picture of the Sargon they have in their collection...the one their ass of an expert insisted was the right way...looking JUST LIKE THE VIKING HELMET ON THE COVER OF TIME.

It turns out some enterprising designer saw the stelle of Naram Sin, the grandson of Sargon, wearing the same friggin horns any fool could see there...and decided it was just the thing for a Viking helmet and since then it has stuck...and I sent the fools a blow up of the photo clearly showing the horns...but no, their experts and historians and journalists said that was a Viking Helmet cause thatīs what the all powerful white man told them it when he tells them to get off a plane cause they scare Suzy Cream Cheese and Ted Testosterone...and the damn fools do it EVERY TIME....while he also expects none of us to explain that Iraqis and Moslems and others are a tad wee bit afraid of the white man...and he canīt understand why....

Thank you Darlinī...if you have any written version of what they said Iīd love to see it.

Oh my aching lawyer...he canīt BELIEVE what these guys have been doing and wait till the judge hears this one.

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