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Posted by parhad ( on November 03, 2001 at 13:03:24:

You tell Bush it isnīt a Christian thing when he invokes Islam as being behind these attacks. He is now doing what the US did with Korea and Vietnam and Iraq...he is dividing Islam into a Good and a they did a North and a South...when they were all one.

In their eagerness to maintain the status quo the dictators of the MidEast and the Muslims whoīve got their stakes set in America, will go along with the notion of two faces of Islam...itīs divide and rule again. In time American Islam will be to Islam as American Christianity is to other words a Disney version of it. As H Rap Brown said,...the white man would co op dog poop if he could find a way to profit.

Twist it anyway you like...the religious Right in this country, like your own, is chomping at the bit to make this a Holy War...only here they know how to lay low and use code words to send messages to each other...Pat Robertson just slipped up and heīs a clown anyway. The others are for real and they donīt advertise. Christianity always gave people license to kill people and rob their a can do it again. Communism served that purpose for the West for the last fifty was a good run but itīs long as you called a person or nation or family or writer or comedian a communist it meant he or she was beyond the pale of humanity and you could do with them as you wished...for communism was evil, it was atheistic, it was anti was of the Devil...and that meant you could rape or shoot a communist with no fear of reprisal or godly condemnation. Being Muslim is supposed to become the same thing now, now that we can no longer prop up the Soviet Union and have to hunt up another Devil.

America lost much of its soul in its long non battle with Communism, it lost political and legal and humane rights it will never regain...and weīre on our way once again...the people who lead this nation and the corporations behind them are international in scope, they have no deep or abiding love or understanding of what made this country so unique...theyīve merely figured out how to milk you to get the right people in place to change the laws just enough to allow the same corporations who sell you products to sell you the news...something that was not allowed till recently..and the religious right has used a phoney concern for the fetus and crime rates, to put the kinds of judges and politicians in place whose real purpose is to vote the right way on consumer affairs issues and the environment and millitary a record and dance.

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