Re: Letter from AMCWWAUA to President Bush

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Posted by Ir@qi ( on November 04, 2001 at 02:33:40:

In Reply to: Re: Letter from AMCWWAUA to President Bush posted by FYI on November 03, 2001 at 15:11:19:

To Pancho Parhad, Presidente

Dear Fellow Presidente,


That was a nice break I took, and I am now ready to continue my response letter to you Pancho.
First let me tell you what happened on my break, after the one hour nap, I drank few Bush beer with the family, of course the kids drank a bottle of Ice Tea, but for some reason they carried the bottle in a brown bag, must be a school habit. My dad gave me written instructions on how to govern the country for the next 2 months, he told me "that man over there Ben Laden IS BAD, IS BAD ! watch my lips son he is not gana do it"
I told him "yes he is gana do it, he is a BAD DOER" the conversation ended when Gorge Washington (mom) came in with the dark coffee to give to my daughter who blacked out from drinking too much Ice tea.
Then it was time for some fun.
I flew over to Alaska to play with my Dick Cheeny a world domination game. He was hiding in an Eskimo Igloo , with a Seal on top of him to keep him worm up . The game was so hot the Igloo roof nearly melted, and I was afraid that Ben Laden may see my Dick with his advanced Satellites, and send some of his special forces with their big swords to.....ouch!
Dick was already very anxious, and scared. When he saw some baby powder on the behind of one of the Guards he thought it was an Ante trax, and that the guard was planing to blow the powder on him, using his own natural GAS to blow the powder into a mist, using his fart as a WMD. Dick went crazy, and called the Eskimo 911. They came riding on their dogs and dressed up like in the movie ET, but they could not find any thing except Dick's TV remote which he lost last week under the Rain Dear hide. It turned out the guard was using baby powder to keep his butt dry.
I was laughing so hard. Then I smacked the guard on the buttock and a cloud of white powder came out and filled the Igloo , I said you are afraid of this white powder ?! I used to snort half a gram of this a day in collage ! Come on ! We used to wear T-shirts which said "No Fear", you are wearing a T-shirt which say " daily bed witting".
He told me did you forget when you refused to go back to Washington on Sep 11, and you were taken for hiding in Louisiana ? I said yes Louisiana, you reminded me, boy I love France.
Now back to Washington DC. I have to start to make up some excuses to bomb Iraq, may be I should leave this to Paul Wofowitz, he volunteered to do it, I wonder why ? and Rumsfield is better than Pinocchio in fabricating stories and lies.
I have to read my dad instructions, well, Dick worked with dad and he understand his hand writing better than I do.
I am going to see Rumsfiled movie when he throw cluster bombs hidden in yellow food bags. What a smart Hollywood trick to exterminate the little unsuspecting Bad Doers. Will call those killed from these food bags, The yellow collateral damage.
I am now going back to one more of my naps, see why work hard when I have the Afghani Northern Alliance, the leaders of the Iraqi Kurds, the Saudi Kings,....doing my work for me over there in Farestan, and my Dick is preforming my duties in Alaska and beyond.
I have to go now but will finish this letter soon.

With Mucho respecto
La Presidente
Bushito Juniorito

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