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Posted by Ir@qi ( on November 04, 2001 at 23:50:40:

In Reply to: Re: The real Israelis posted by Jeff on November 04, 2001 at 20:12:32:

Those Israeli in your picture look very nice without tanks, and F16, they do look very human.

The problem Jeff is that the majority of Israelis voted for Sharon, whom they KNEW dam well he was a criminal. More over these nice Liberal Israelis have been so quite, and probably hoping that Sharon will win his bloody campaign, and only when Sharon himself started to find out that no matter how much brutality, and how much planes and tanks he uses against the super brave Palestinians he will never win, only then we saw the return of these peace demonstration (I thing this is the first large one since the election of Sharon, and was done in the memory of Ishak Rabin death).
Sharon has used every thing he can on the Palestinians, from crippling thousands of them (bullets to sensitive areas which leave a young man a burden on a whole family), burning the land and olive trees (destroying future
infrastructure), destroying their factories and homes, even using F16 on cities...
Sharon thought he will go kill and destroy and then declare truce and promise the Palestinian
"a future some kind of state", instead he has destroyed all trust in the Israeli leaders, because if he can so easily reenter and retake the land of Palestinians which they took after such a long conflicts, talks, and agreement, what will stop him from doing this again permanently in the future when the conditions are in his favor ?
This unfortunately plays in the hand of the fanatics who say that Israel is a cancer which can not be lived with.
I think it will take a long time to repair the psychological damage that Sharon have caused.
Mean while Sharon after his campaign miserable failure, is trying to show that he suddenly has moderated his position, and he will do the Palestinian a favor and withdraw his invading tanks from the Palestinian towns, and will agree to SOME FUTURE Palestinian state.
One reason for Sharon trying to look like a reformed criminal, is what happened on Sept 11. I am sure Sharon seeing what happen to a super power on the hand of 20 men, thought about his own vulnerabilities. He knows all what happen in the last one month can be repeated in any Israeli city, and that the Palestinians have been too gentle and conservative with Israel so far. So he used his angel mask, i.e. Shimon Perez, right after he killed over 50 Palestinian in the last few days.
Well Perez has a human face, unlike that of the Wolf Sharon, but a nice face is not going to be enough for the hundred of Palestinian families who have not finished burying their sons. The Palestinians unfortunately will do what the Israeli, and the American have done, they will want revenge, and in a way who can blame them.
If the people of Iraq had to pay thousand times for the crimes of Saddam whom they never elected, then it is only fair that the Israeli have to pay only one time for the crimes of Sharon whom they elected.
I think if Israel want to have any future in the Middle East, Sharon should be replaced with some one who understand that Israel is a foreign body in that area, at this time, and for it to be accepted, it has to stop its ways of manipulation, occupation, military, and economic terrorism, and share the land with the original people, who agreed to share it with Russians, and American Jews, and to restart the long road of confidante rebuilding and trust which has been wiped out with Sharon and his tanks.
Now as far as why Jeff and the about quarter a Million Iraqis in the US can't protest the Sanctions on the people of Iraq.
It is because there in no real democracy in the USA, actually there is Marshal Law here if you read the new laws, and even before Sept 11, you could only demonstrate in Public if you are one of the well paid Iraqi Opposition who want to attack Saddam, and blame him for everything, but if you say the USA shares the responsibility of this Holocaust, you know dam well you will be video taped, and will have a file just like in any dictatorship, any we know what they did to these nuns of South America...
For God sake, the US want to shut down Al-Jazzera TV, although it has always offered a chance for American politician to respond, and it translate and show all American politician speeches.
They frequently hack the Iraqi Satellite TV station.....
Watch American TV do you think there is free speech, or any balance about the Middle East ?
They killed a Sikh man for looking like a Muslim, and kicked out Assyrians from air flight for looking Arabs, they burned down Mosqes, and Assyrian Church in Chicago.....
Still I continue to believe in this mirage of democracy, I have written just about every president and congressman alive, have not seen a dam thing happen, except getting back these formality responses.
Don't mean to discourage anyone, I still think this is part of what we should do.

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