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Posted by Ir@qi ( on November 05, 2001 at 21:40:16:

In Reply to: Re: The real Israelis posted by pancho on November 05, 2001 at 17:42:27:

parhad the only reason the American people were against the war in Vietnam in large numbers, is because Americans were dying too in that war, and the young men had to go serve in the jungles and fight a fair tough fight like men, that is why they were running to Canada or any where they can hide, and they became peace lovers, and Anti-violance.
But in the Gulf war when they were siting in air conditioned airplanes, playing a video game in which they kill Sand Negro, they hunt on their screen from a safe distance, by firing Tomahawk missiles while drinking their beer on the sun deck of a Club Med ship thousand of miles away from the war zone, then they had no problem with war, there was no anti-war movement, and hardly any demonstrations, only victory parades.
And now as they send B52 to drop thousand of pounds of cluster bombs from thousand of miles high, on Afghani mud houses, hospitals, Red Cross food storages, and survival infrastructure, against Afghani who has shot guns which can not reach any of these planes, now we see no anti-war, peace now, or demonstration, and you see young men volunteering to go Turkey Shoot the defenseless Afghani.
Soul there be a ground war, and American have to do even little actual fighting, you will quickly see the birth of a peace movement.
Yes there are real peace lovers, and peace activist like Kathy Kelly, and Ramzy Clark, but these are the rare exception.

Parhad >It took a lot of demonstrating and broken heads and arrests to get Americans to take another look at the lies they were being fed during Vietnam. But then again had someone not started it off it never would have built up...or rather someone else would have started it DID get >started.

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