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Posted by parhad ( on September 30, 2001 at 20:25:38:

Written by Dirty Virus on 01 Oct 2001 03:20:01:
As an answer to: TO Ninavah written by An Observer on 01 Oct 2001 02:00:02:

You conveniently forget about, "Onward Christian Soldier"...The Crusades...the Christian German Nazi party, Falwell and Robertson and Father Drinan and the atom bombing of thousands of Japanese women and children...and come at us with this Islamic terror crap.

Who went hunting and stealing in the Middle East if not the Christian West? Who's been killing and starving and allowing disease to decimate the children of Iraq..that's right CHILDREN...if NOT the United States...and where the hell were you when THOSE Assyrians needed help? When, in the last 200 years or EVER has Islam done anything near to that? And don't bring Simele out for me, or what happened in 1245 or 1845 or 845. While you hunt all over the place for proof of anywhere near the vulgar ugliness of the Old Testament in the Koran...and can't find any...while you hunt all over hell and back for letters and creeds by half crazed and crazy fanatics, as fanatic as the Irish Christians who kill each other's children for fun...while you do all that, the United States goes on killing by the hundreds of thousands while wailing its head off when five thousand, and not all of them even its own citizens, get killed in one day...5000 Iraqi children...among whom must be many Assyrians, are dying EACH MONTH and have been for eleven years now.

5000 a month 1,250 a week...that's 180 a day...that's seven children AN HOUR. Where, WHERE in the name of all that's Unholy have Moslems ever done that???

And guess who does their fair share in killing those seven children an hour, of which at least one must be Assyrian??? Guess????

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