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Posted by campfire hero ( on November 09, 2001 at 12:56:37:

In Reply to: Re: question posted by Jeff on November 08, 2001 at 23:39:25:

& yeah, thanks, it is an interesting combo - too bad i'm ugly (just kidding)! there are lots of 1/2 breed like me out there (are you one? tell me more about you). i have a friend here (Nashville, TN), who is 1/2 Maronite, 1/2 Hungarian, i have several acquaintances "back home" in Huntsville, AL who are 1/2 Jordanian, 1/2 American... i grew up w/ a boy who's 1/2 Iranian, 1/2 Finnish (& no, i'm not getting married to him, thank God). & in Houston, my family is close friends w/ a 1/2 Iraqi, 1/2 American family. oh, & i have cousins who are 1/2 Iraqi (Assyrian/Chaldean), 1/2 Mexican-American. my mom jokes that we're all (including the Finns), trying to have "outbred" kids so we can reduce the likelihood of genetic disease in our families...

so, is there any way we can pressure AINA to get that ridiculous "Protest" button off their site? it's so offensive to me because it carries the implicit justification of the dehumanization of not only "Arabs" but also anyone from Arabic speaking countries that various Western gov'ts have used in past battle cries to incite racism & hatred against all of these people (esp. Iraq & Palestine).

oh, & incidently, i'd encourage any red-headed (like my Dad) Assyrians to go to Finland if they are looking for a significant other (& they don't mind marrying a blonde) - Finns can't get enough of red hair! that & my dad's hook-nose made my pretty, blonde, blue-eyed mother's head spin... she even went so far as to speculate that they could have red-haired little boys together... too bad they got brunette daughters instead, eh?

i liked the letter to Bushito & the responses, too. take care!

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