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Posted by Jeff ( on November 09, 2001 at 20:18:15:

In Reply to: what i meant... posted by campfire hero on November 09, 2001 at 15:08:52:

: when i said implicit justification, i meant "justification" (note the quotation marks, b/c anti-"Arab" racism is not justifiable - no racism is) &/or acceptance...
&&& You make a good point.

: does this make sense? i sincerely feel that this bombing of Afghanistan is an extension of anti-"Arab," anti-other sentiments which are part of the symptomology of the social disease of racism that the US gov't, backed by greedy industries, likes to perpetuate so that it can use the subsequent hatred expressed by its naive, ignorant, & consequently apathetic citizenry, to further colonize regions of interest (or to set up US-friendly gov'ts in these areas) for various corporate entities born in the US.
&&& Man, you sound just like Fred Parhad! (Hint: That is a compliment coming from me, but an insult coming from most "Assyrians" (and I use quotes for a reason))

: i fully condemn the US gov't for its actions in Afghanistan, just as i condemn the persons responsible for the gross loss of lives on Sept. 11. so, "Amen" to those who are humane enough to realize that all lives ought to be equal, Afghani or no. i sincerely hope this "war" ends soon, that Iraqis & Palestinians (& for that matter, everyone living in unfair conditions) living in their native lands will one day have the same life potentials as i do, living in the US. not that the potentials i have in the US are necessarily good or even a reality...
&&& I second that motion, and a third, and a fourth. You think clearly and you are a true human.

: maybe i don't make sense. maybe i'm guilty of "babel?" i dream of the day when my future kids (if i ever have any) & anyone else who is from Iraq but lives elsewhere will not feel as shy as i do whenever i tell someone that i am 1/2 Iraqi & that i fully sympathize with the Iraqi people - all of them. i feel that the citizens of the US are not bad. they just don't have the same knowledge i do, so they bless their gov't & its backing. & they are so shamelessly manipulated by industry & gov't - it's sad. to paraphrase Gibran: we (naive American citizens, in this case) are muted by our ignorance. many US citizens still have no idea what is being done in their names. & that is a horrific crime against them.
&&& I can't agree more.


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