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Posted by Jeff ( on November 10, 2001 at 00:16:24:

In Reply to: BANNED from COL...! posted by Jeff on November 09, 2001 at 23:58:34:

To Ghassan Hanna

Written by Jeff on 10 Nov 2001 07:10:00:

As an answer to: To Jeff Atto written by Webmaster on 10 Nov 2001 06:46:19:

>Your last post has been deleted.
>If you have a subject to discuss, then go for it, you're welcome to post what ever you want discussed, however, that subject should not be me as an
individual or any other person who posts on this Forum. Saying that, you're always welcome to disagree with my views and attack them as strong as
you wish.
>Attacking my views or fighting against what I stand for is different than posting a long message that's nothing but personal attacks.

Dear Ghassan,
In your message, you attacked me as an individual. You can claim that it was a response to my original message, but if that were the case, why did you
not simply delete the first message of the thread?

I will paste the following sections from my message that do not deal with you:

It never helped you, either.
Written by Jeff on 09 Nov 2001 21:50:55:
As an answer to: Jeff: Lying doesn't help you written by Ghassan on 08 Nov 2001 21:51:52:

>The fact Janey puts a great "dinner that got more compliments from corporations >than it EVER has?" is hardly an accomplishment to boast about,
unless, you >judge >people by the quality of food they put in your belly.

&&&&& Actually, that is incorrect. She didn't put on the "dinner", meaning... she didn't cook the dinner. The average person knows that "put on the
dinner" (when speaking about an awards banquet similar to the CFA's) means that she organized it, put together the program booklet, and the
"program" of speakers and entertainment. So, it IS an accomplishment, but not to boast about. Janey didn't boast, that's not her style. I posted that
everybody enjoyed and complimented the dinner that she put on to highlight the fact that she does hard work for the CFA (a Chaldean organization),
and why wouldn't she.. she IS Chaldean, you know?

>Now, may be you weren't talking about the food but rather about the >"organization of the party itself".

&&&&&&& D'oh! Looks like I read too fast. It's my kid tendency (that depends on how you define kid, the legal definition being someone who is
age 17 or
below.) Of course, I don't fit into that category.

>Yes, I have been informed that after Janey's "exposure" on the Internet she has >been "doubling her hours" of work!!

&&&&&&&**** Ghassan, since you mentioned yourself above, I don't know how to respond without including you. I suppose I could say that there
is no proof that Janey worked more or less as a result of "Janey-bashing" done on this forum. I could say that the claims made about her on this forum
are and were false, and that she is not an "agent" in any sense of the word.

>I sure must "charge" the CFA for such "impressive" improvement in Janey's quality of work!!

&&&&&&&****** Again, it is difficult for me to respond to this while avoiding a direct reference to you.

>Yes, Atour Golani was acknowledged. CFA dinner party is sure not a place to >"pick fights at".
>No where in my original post have I stated or claimed that John Nimrod or Atour >Golani "were PERSONALLY ignored" as you're claiming. That's
a LIE. The
>post is still there and anyone can read it and verify its contents. It talked >about "complaints" by John Nimrod HIMSELF (i.e. not my own making)
about "not
>recognizing or mentioning the word Assyrian" (acknowleding Atour Golani as a >President of a group with a title that include that word was not Mr.
>concern, but more the "political content"). Anyway, ASK Mr. John Nimrod about >"what ticked him off?"

&&&&&&***** Here's another case where it's hard for me to respond without directly addressing you, Ghassan. The point was that THE INSULTS
against Atour have appeared on this forum many times BEFORE that statement, and
the fact that he worked his tail off to help the CFA disproves THOSE lies and "Assyrianism" conspiracy theories.

>Also, NO where have I ever called Mr. Atour Golani "an agent" (an agent of who? >What I've said is his wife, Janey, is HIS agent for the Assyrian
Federation >inside
>the CFA). That's another LIE. So far you have lied TWICE.

&&&&&********* Here's another case where it's difficult for me to respond, after all... you were calling me a liar, and that is a personal attack. My
response is that I'm not a liar. So there!

>If I am assuming that Mr. Golani has "convinced" the President of Ford, then I >have to assume that what you're saying is either the CFA has some
problem with >the
>Ford company that it needed Atour Golani to intervene and "convince" its >President to be the keynote speaker!!! or that Ford President was too
>embarrassed to be
>the keynote speaker in a party attended by the Michigan State Governor, >Senators, Congressmen, and many other officials!! I can see that Atour
Golani >REALLY
>did a lot of "convincing" there.

&&&&&******* Again, it's difficult for me to respond to this without bringing you into it... but I'll try. I WAS present when a
member of the CFA called Janey and I heard them speak about having Atour get the keynote speaker. Those who claim that he had nothing to do with
the keynote speaker are not speaking in good faith.

>Even if he did, that hardly will make up for adding his signature to a letter >that claimed "Chaldeans are a religious sect that is part of his Assyrian
>nation". More,
>sending that letter without even waiting for Mr. Saad Marouf, the CFA >President's response (that was agreed between the two of them over a
phone >conversation).
>May be, Mr. Golani's "convincing" was his way to make up for his back stabbing >the CFA?

&&&&&&******** I would ask that those who view this forum and those who post on this forum would not publicly insult Atour. I think you know
who I am referring to.

>I can see young kids like you got quite impressed by such games. It sure gave >you what you thought was the "needed ammunition to attack

&&&&&&***** Define "young kids". At what age is a young kid a man? Certainly not 19?

>Finally, you have called me "sick extremist". That's an insult from an ill >mannered kid like you.

&&&&&**** Looks like I'm next on the list to be banned from this 3rd world tyrant forum.

>If you ever use such language with me again, your message will be deleted. If >you don't have manners to show (which I doubt it since you so much
loved the >filthy
>language of Parhad) then DON'T post on this Forum.

I hope this clears things up.

Funny how that's all you can say about me. I finally see through you.



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