My response (which will surely be deleted)

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Posted by Jeff ( on November 11, 2001 at 01:31:16:

In Reply to: The Gas Man's response! You will love it posted by Jeff on November 11, 2001 at 01:25:34:

Thank you Atheer

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Written by JFF on 11 Nov 2001 08:24:07:

As an answer to: Re: Oh come on, he did nothing wrong written by Ghassan on 11 Nov 2001 08:15:18:

>Regardless of where you stand, and the fact is majority of your posts are stating your strong disagreements or strong criticism of my positions,
regardless of that, I have yet to delete a single post of yours, right?
>If you have posted anything that fits the definition of "ill manners" you would have noticed a change of my tolerance of you, BUT YOU HAVE NOT.
Hence, the only time you have a right to speak about "defending your position" is if I have written a post (out of blue) insulting you because you had
"defended" yourself against an ill mannered email from an ill mannered individual.
>What this ill mannered Je@f did is not only insulted me (for absolultely no issue concerning him nor was his name involved) but worse he continued
doing that despite my warning.
>This Forum is not a place for ill mannered individuals to display what they have inside their distorted upbringing nor a place for kids seeking
>You want to discuss issues then stick to that. Doing that will keep your messages posted for people to read. You "violate" the rules of this Forum then
you'll see your posts deleted (as a first step) then you'll be banned.
>It's simple.
>So make it a happy day for yourself and for all the visitors to this Forum.
>Thank you,

Dear Atheer,
Thank you. As you can see, Ghassan violates his own rules by calling me a "kid", and by questioning my upbringing, even though he has never met even
a distant relative of mine, let alone any member of my immediate family (nor myself)....


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