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Posted by campfire hero ( on November 11, 2001 at 16:03:55:

hola! i loved that story about your grandfather! it was funny! he must have looked like a madman! actually, it wouldn't surprise me for the French to think that. just kidding. ok, so the reasons i don't have a webpg are:

1.) i'm lazy when it comes to advertising myself to strangers i don't want to get to know - if they want to get to know me, they can do what my boyfriend did to get to know me - introduce themselves in a direct & humiliating manner to my face & suffer the consequences... & if i want to know them, i'll do the same thing.

2.1157) i'm too active - i'd rather be hiking, jogging, playing violin, mandolin, wood flutes, or, whenever there is one available, piano (sigh), writing, reading, or just farting around w/ my friends & seeing indie films, going to my friends bands or art exhibits, or even just relaxing... whenever i pass my qualifying exams, i plan on learning bluegrass mandolin (right now i don't play it so great, but it's a different story w/ violin & piano, both of which i've played for years & years). i love music.

2.1158) i'm too busy w/ grad school work most of the time, anyway (i'm attempting to get a degree in biomed research, hence i spend a lot of quality time in lab or the library or on the computer doing data analysis & spying on other peoples experiments, hehe). i love "science."

2.1159) i'm female, & i'm sick of stalkers - mostly male, though occasionally female. actually, they usually aren't so bad, take my boyfriend, for instance - i like him...

2.1160) i'm somewhat of a luddite (i have no TV or computer at home) & conspiracy theorist, so i want the least info broadcast about me over the net to my gov't or its cohorts

so those are my reasons. i'd have gotten my sister to take the one picture of me she has on her website down, only it's not very flattering & it doesn't really show my face that much, so maybe that'll shake whoever it is that may want to hunt me down!

by the way, the female issue is probably the most important excuse i have - do you know that 1 out of every 3 women of college age in this country has been raped (most of these incidences occur on behalf of a male friend - it is rarely the event that a random stranger attacks a woman in this way)? plus, the statistics are low - many rapes go unreported - so i don't want anyone getting to know me through the internet, seeing my pictures, getting a psychological profile of me, & then using it to my disadvantage. it's a very real fear. in fact, i'd go so far as to encourage every woman who lives alone to be unlisted (at work, school, or home). this actually happened to one of my close friends: some stranger was calling her at 3am every night - he obviously found out that she was a girl & that she must live alone, b/c no one else was answering her # & her answering maching only had her name on it (another thing: i advise everyone to use the pre-recorded message on the answering machine or given by an answering service). so, all this stranger had to do was look up her phone # in the back of the book to find out where she lived. isn't that scarey?

i hope that didn't sound too mean. honestly, i didn't mean to be mean. anyway, i have to get back to studying now. take care!

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