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Posted by campfire hero ( on November 12, 2001 at 16:34:17:

In Reply to: even more sorry posted by campfire zero on November 12, 2001 at 10:51:55:

excerpt from my letter to my boyfriend... what does anyone think about this?

...i realize that you are marked by this argument, but i do not think that is "bad"... i think it is healthy to acknowledge what was said, but i do not at all think that you, your ideas, etc. are unhealthy for me (just as i assume that you think the same about me & my ideas). yes, we do have differences between us, & sometimes it seems like those differences are all that exist, sometimes it seems like there is no difference between us. this, i feel, is the eternal human condition - this is how man must always interact with other men. i do not believe that these differences are reconcilable (which you say is the biggest tragedy - that i do wish for us to "work things out"); best friends have very different outlooks, & true lovers all over the world have differences that can seem insurmountable to them, yet these people continue to communicate & to love each other (despite the difference) for reasons unknown to them. i believe that the only thing that makes someone an "enemy," or "not worth loving," is that person's decision to stop rational, respectable communication with another person - only then can the fear of that other person (especially fear of the potential of that other person to inflict harm on the other) reach its most absurd & irrational levels, spurring on hatred (which i truly believe is a purely irrational state). so, to me, it is not some sort of "understanding" that i wish to attain of you - it is a sort of ability to communicate what it is that you are driving at so that my mind can reflect more on your character. i do believe that i love you, regardless of any stupid argument, & i value you immensely... i honestly do not know why i love you, yet i do not seek the answer to this question...

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