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Posted by David Chibo ( on November 12, 2001 at 20:08:23:

In Reply to: Re: redneck accountant responds to nakosha posted by pancho on November 12, 2001 at 19:08:27:


Pull up bro.
Let me respond to her first using the good cop routine then you can come in with your bad cop routine.
Also have info. re: the AAS homepage, see below.

Dear Casandra,

First off as you well know we are a non-political magazine and this issue was treated as a purely humanitarian issue, which of course it is. There are simliar reports on the plight of asylum seekers from Amnesty International and the United Nations condemning the treatment of asylumn seekers by the current, re-elected, government. They aren't being political either.

We simply presented a report of our recent visit to Villawood along with reactions from the major political parties.
At no point did we attempt to influence the readers' vote.

Now as for your donation suggestion we are way ahead of you!

Acouple of months ago myself and Sennacherib Daniel joined the Assyrian Aid Society, a non-profit, non-religious and non-political aid group committed to building vitally needed infrastructure in Northern Iraq in the U.N. controlled autonomous zone.
Our aim is not to help our people escape our homeland, but to build the vitally needed infrastructure and support networks they need in order to maointain the dignity and slowly improve their standard of living. In doing this we shall eliminate the need to flee in the first place and maintain an Assyrian presence in our homeland.

The AAS which had been established in Sydney was also established in Melbourne in September. We have also taken an unprecedented step of merging the Tree of Life news letter with Nakosha magazine. (*See press release attached below).

Begining next month Nakosha will be distributed now to over 120 members of the AAS. These members have a fixed amount of money automatrically removed from their accounts on a monthly basis. We have also begun to collect members in Melbourne, just last Saturday Sennacherib Daniel and I gained another 2 members.

Using Nakosha and a new homepage I'm currently working on AAS-Australia will reach the 200 members you estimated, and along with the AAS bracnhes in America (AAS-A), Europe (AAS-E), United Kingom (AAS-UK) we will be able to increase our members to the amount you have suggested.

Now would you like salt with your words? :-)

But seriously, now it's your turn.

Time for you to do something about it instead of verbally assaulting those of us who are busy trying to make a difference.

For a start I'd like your name and details as I will send you an AAS form which you will fill in, agreeing to electronically and automatically donate a small amount from your bank account on a monthly basis.

This is the minimum I expect from you.

Now secondly why don't you join us instead of being an "armchair quarterback". We aren't your ordinary group of old and useless Assyrians, but you already knew that.

Time to stop sitting on the sidelines and step up to the challenge. Time is of the essence, our people need us.

All of us.

What do you say?

David Chibo

Nakosha and Tree of Life Merger

The Assyrian Aid Society - Australia (AAS-Au), has decided to merge its quarterly publication 'Tree of Life' newsletter with the monthly Assyrian-Australian publication Nakosha Magazine. (See www.nakosha.org)

The 'Tree of Life' newsletter, which is currently published by the AAS-Au is distributed to over 200 AAS members throughout Australia, with it's primary purpose being to provide feedback regarding projects that were being conducted by the AAS-Au branch in Northern Iraq, as well as attracting new financially supporting members.

During a private meeting held in the AAS-Au's bookshop in Sydney, on Sunday 30th September, 2001, the committee members of both Nakosha Magazine and the AAS-Au, unanimously agreed to the merger.

Utilising the distribtuion capabilities of Nakosha Magazine, it is hoped that the new 'Tree of Life' section, which will also provide all readers with a Direct Debit Form (DDF) along with a free stamped and

AAS-Au-addressed envelope, will enable the AAS-Au to reach the majority of the Assyrian community, currently living throughout Australia, in a more efficient manner.

Nakosha's targeted distribtuion of 1,500 hard copies and 1,000 soft copies per month, by the end of 2001, means that the merger will provide the AAS-Au with a strong established distribtuion network from which to reach prospective new members on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile Nakosha magazine also benefits from the merger. "We are finally able to provide a link between our homeland and our people living in the West", commented Fraydon Heskel, a reporter for Nakosha Magazine.

When asked to comment on the merger, Nakosha magazine's editor, Sennacherib Daniel shared his thoughts with us, "The AAS holds the same aims and beliefs as does Nakosha magazine, in that it is non-political, non-profit and non-religious. It was inevitable that we would join with them."

It is hoped that this merger will set an example for other Assyrian publications and Assyrian charities, throughout the world, in joining together and becoming more efficient and effective.

The merger is due to take place with Nakosha's upcoming November issue, and with an increase in quality, frequency and distribution capabilities, the merger will place the AAS-Au in a strong position to raise urgently needed funds in order to assist the Assyrian population currently living in Northern Iraq this coming winter.

David Chibo

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