Hanging Tough

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Posted by parhad ( on October 01, 2001 at 09:13:30:

When Atour Golani, president of the Federation and Alladin Khamis, vice president and I and one other person huddled together in a side room at the convention to discuss the contract I was supposed to sign, I tried to get rid of Alladin because I felt Atour would be more reasonable without him there. He almost left when Atour asked him to, but doubled back insisting he remain.

I wanted to tell Atour that, among other things, these guys would all let him take the fall when the time came. I read the contract once and knew I had them, that they'd just placed their heads in a noose. I was sorry to see Atour's signature there, along with Alphonse Odishoo's...I wasn't surprised at all that Jackie's wasn't there, I would have been stunned if she'd put her name to it.

Jackie has already cut Atour loose by telling the person who called her about mediation that she had no "legal standing" here, that it was Federation business all the way...that the president of the Federation was who they wanted to contact. Now we'll see if Atour will take the dive for her, if he'll go along with her shafting of him all the way...or will he stop it now, tell the truth, that from start to last this was all Jackie's usual method for maintaing her control over people, through intimidation, outright lies, innuendo, boycott etc etc. Which of us, if we were willing to stoop so low COULDN'T impact people negatively? I mean it's hardly an achievment to boast of.

As presdient of the San Hose Association Jackie is immune from legal action...her club however is liable...and you'll see how much she really cares about her club soon. The president and officers of a corporation are always granted that immunity from personal legal action. But that's only for an action the entire club undertakes, something the general body votes on. It doesn't absolve any officer from personal acts committed without consultation or without the approval or knowledge of the organization. Jackie decided all on her own that I wasn't to be allowed to come or allowed to sell, that even though the other artists signed the same clause, it would only be enforced against me... and that only I couldn't speak about certain things. These were her personal decisions all the way, made without any consultation or vote.

Jackie is not only personally liable for what will appear to be an obvious case of a "woman scorned"...but has made the entire Association liable as well because her vice president Alphonse Odishho, who she placed in charge of Art Exhibits, signed the contract. I get them both therefore.

I say all this here, knowing full well that Jackie is reading everything, because I know there is no way out of it for her. The more she thinks she is clever, the more she thinks she's found an "angle"...the more she thinks I'm some sort of dummy for revealing things...the more she'll dig the hole deeper, the tighter she'll draw the noose round her own neck.

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