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Posted by parhad ( on October 02, 2001 at 00:51:35:

I worked for 13 years on the Shumirum, I delayed moving to Mexico for four months to be used by Jackie, I worked to create sculptures for the convention...all of this paid for by my sweat and effort and funded by me...and I'm supposed to do it all for free and live on air all the while. They see nothing wrong with shoving a contract in front of me at the last minute, dated nine days before, telling me to agree not to speak or sell, and I can stay...or else get out. All the while they allow the "good" artists to sell and LIE to my face about a kick back I at fault for revealing the lie...or should the person who lied feel ashamed?

Can't you all see that this is exactly the kind of leadership that has driven us into the ground? My god, after blowing up two building and killing thousands, Americans are showing an interest in Islam, it's history and fine points...what will it take for you people to get OUT THERE and do your part by this Heritage? This is YOUR goddamn fight too...not just mine. It isn't about me making MONEY...I can make a lot more in a much better way outside this community, and that's just what they want, that's what this is all about. It wouldn't surprise me at all if checks will once again be dangled in front of me, as John held that letter the Arts Council wanted, and I'll be told, "keep quiet, go along, leave us alone, don't mention the Shumirum (meaning Jackie) or the Federation (meaning Atour) and we'll give you the checks.

And it's perfectly fine for Atour and the AANF and Jackie to interfere with my work, ruin my monuments, cost me the one chance I had to show and sell...and have me kicked out and spoken to by lackeys like that...yet I must under NO circumstance badmouth any one of them, cause anyone grief, and especially not say anything which MIGHT cause anyone the slightest inconvenience at THEIR work.

What kind of a friggin double standard is that? Is everyone so pissed that a man would dare to honor his Heritage in a professional manner, a manner calculated to match the best this country has to offer, a manner in which they can in NO WAY match as presidents and club leaders and committe the sight of which REAL professional and experienced committe heads and presidents of serious organizations would BUST A GUT this supposed to be "pay back" because I show them all up for what they are?? A high school sock hop or student body government is run with more finesse than these guys can manage..and THEY want to tell ME how to sculpt??? How to conduct myself, how to to speak, and where and when...and they want to tell ME when I "go too far" when they make laughingstocks out of themselves each and every time they turn around.

A real Pro can't work under the conditions they impose, THEY feel "comfortable" with. They are good for after school sporting events or church telling me Jackie could work in the Film industry or in any museum except as a hatcheck girl? Her husband said it best when he told her that all these people are interested in is her money...that's why they come around and hang on her every word. He told her, without that, they wouldn't give you the time of day, and it's true. I GET the time of day, OUT THERE, that's what they can't stand and that's just where they all want to drive me, and anyone of us who threatens their Kingdom of Mediocrity.

Just wait till you have to repeat your stories and your "expectations" and what YOU consider to be "right" and "fair" and "just"...just wait till you all go OUTSIDE and parade your ignorance around for the world to see...just wait, I hardly can.

Are you kidding me, or what!!!

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