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Posted by parhad ( on October 02, 2001 at 09:55:06:

I was told when I first mentioned the status of the Shumirum, by Peter, that this was a "personal" matter between two people having something to do with a lawsuit. It isn't as ,if we discuss world shattering things in here, or anything BUT the "personal", Besides, the lawsuit was not the issue I was John's blocking the Shumirum. HE was the one using the lawsuit as a lever against me, stalling the installation of the Shumirum until I dropped the suit. I won it instead and we all lost the monument was never for the stated reasons that Dimrod blocked the Shumirum, it wasn't my suing his ass, it wasn't even Black people in was that he wanted to GET the statue for himself, to bring it to the North side where the rich white folk live, or else into the basement of that "Black Hole of Calcutta" of a "Universal Worldwide and Galactic Assquarters" of a glorified Treehouse they have there on King Sargon Block, where the Hookers are fresh and the Pakistani burritos made to order.

It might be said again that this business with Jackie and the Federation and Nimrod redux, is just more personal stuff of no concern to anyone except as cheap Soap Opera. But you'd be wrong...again. The personal IS political. It isn't only me who is being isn't just Rabel who is being hurt by the stupid actions of "leaders". This kind of nonsense and worse will frighten away just the people we need desperately to tidy up the joint and make us presentable and effective at the larger task facing this Heritage. For our own health and well being, we have GOT to get out of this hothouse Hell of a Funhouse of Crazy Mirrors where the world is distorted beyond our ability to function AS ASSYRIANS, or much else besides taxi and truck drivers, a doctor or two and the odd gas station owner.

Speaking of the latter, I bring you Alladin Khamis, the new vice-president of the Federation. He was in charge of the convention in Chicago. It was his goons who told me the invitation from the THEN vice-president wasn't a "letter from God" and they did not have to honor it. I guess "God" is now vice-president.

I remember going up to see him at his suite, paid for by us, where he told me I would not be allowed to circulate a petition seeking signatures in support of the Shumirum being installed in Chicago over John's protests. It was he who had his goons remove my poster, photographs and pamphlets, and when that wasn't enough, sent them into the room I was given by the Federation and tell me to remove my other works.

It was also Alladin Khamis who asked me to "please" remove the complaint I'd lodged against two of his men who'd run off from the Police, seeking them for questioning for threats of physical harm they'd made to me, in front of my children. I relented and agreed to call off the Police if we all met and discussed what had happened. he'd been so appreciative then, for he'd said he needed the two of them to run things smoothly etc.

It's either the fumes he breathes in all day, or just the way he came into the world, but a more dim witted and clueless "officer" this nation couldn't have.

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