Hanna Hajjar Strikes a Blow For "America"

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Posted by parhad ( on October 03, 2001 at 08:52:40:

Written by Moderator on 02 Oct 2001 21:45:49:

Well recently I was so busy that I was not monitoring the forum. And unfortunately some people abused the privillage of posting.

Parhad started reposting, I did not dlete his posting, thinking that he will self monitor his own writings,

>>I love that...he wants me to "self" monitor...according to his personal whims. There is no policy at beth, just Hanna with his shorts hiked up to his neck.

but unfortunately he was constantly bringing my name (out of the blues) in his posts without me being part of the discussion.

>>>Oh brother do you ever give us the "blues".

He bitched at me because I did not attend the "Ross vs. Parhad" dual in LA, and why should I? Does he expect that people will support him when he keeps attacking them!

>>>I love that. I suppose he felt supported by Ross? I merely mentioned that he could have been there to reply to ROSS...questioning someone who attacks us, isn't showing "support" for me...it's showing support for YOU! This fellow has severe problems...he must have felt constantly picked upon in the playground of Life.

I don't care if Parhad insults my artwork, or Assyrian symbols like our Winged Bull (as he did yesterday),

>>>I wasn't the one to write that comment about his work, someone used my name...I wrote and said so, I even said it was a nice piece. How come he's able to figure out who writes under false names except when someone uses mine? Could it be wilfull...could he have done it himself? I would never insult a guy for his artwork...and I've made more versions of that particular piece, and several more, than he ever will...so how or why would insult "Assyrian symbols" anyway?

but I will not allow him to do it on this forum, he can go to his own thingie forum and do it there.

>>>Seems to me he was itching for an excuse to get rid of a whole lot of posts he just didn't like for personal reasons. I was called a "dirty virus" (I KNOW...this sounds so stupid, but what do you want me to do about it?) and he let that "insult" stand, as he always does when someone insults whoever he doesn't like. I merely pointed out this discrepancy in "policy". He left it there so I called HIM a dirty virus...than called everyone else a dirty virus too. Nyah nyah! Next thing I know he gets insulted and yanks a whole lot of stuff off EXCEPT the post that called me a dirty virus...go figure...no don't.

NO personal insults, NO insults to America, and NO insults to Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac will be allowed on this forum. If you can't post within these guide lines, then this forum is not made for you, I suggest that you go elsewhere.

>>>Someday some Cracker may insist YOU go somewhere else. Can't insult America???? How much ass can one guy kiss???

Hanna Hajjar

....How's about "Castrator" Hanna Hajjar...or "Castrated" Hanna Hajjar?

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