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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 00:49:12:

It's entirely likely that I'll be banned soon by this joint as I am at aina, "incomplete submission". They got that right, an Assyrian will never submit, then come whining about how "they" did it to me..."gee, what could I DO about it?"

I'll tell you what you can do about it...fight your own first. We have no Muslim opressors here, even though these guys play the part. We have only these weak kneed envious SHORT people who seek to set limits and define "Assyrian" in such a disgusting way that I can't wonder why we're where we are.

The larger society, the people and places we live among would embrace us gladly if once they knew of our existence...but people like Hanna and Aprim and several others have good reason to fear such exposure and familiarity,,,for then others would KNOW what we know...what they FEAR everyone knows and whispers about them.

We have to deserve, to earn recognition and merit expectations of decent, fair and equal treatment. Right now these guys keep us as some inferior bunch of dimwits who snuck into America illegally and who must lay low in fear of discovery...and they MAKE of us something inferior, something limited, something deserving of slinking along back alleys...they do it by playing to our weaknesses, never our strengths. They set themselves up as "saviors", concerned about "your" feelings that they'll delete what might annoy you, OR challenge you... and they'd chew your food for you if you let them. They're kissing Uncle Sam's ass like it was a "sweetheart's" face...why not yours?

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