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Posted by pancho ( on December 20, 2001 at 11:47:22:

I spoke with someone here in San Jose the other day, someone who knows the people I am suing...and he said I should be real careful...that they are preparing "such a firestorm for me". My response was, "Great".

None of us are used to doing the kinds of things we do in private on the public stage. people who lie routinely or spread false rumors damamging to the reputation or family of others have done so with impunity in the past because they knew there was little chance of any consequences. Even Rabel can't sue anyone for removing his painting because his BUSINESS was not harmed...he was an amateur doing it for love of his heritage.

When I asked Atour why I was the only artist being told not to sell at the convention, and when I confronted him with the silly comment he made in reply...that the others had agreed to a kick back scheme...and I wanted to know why, then, he wasn't making me the same offer...his reply was..."I don't want to repeat myself"...when he hadn't answered the question even ONCE, let alone repeat it. He didn't feel he had to answer anything because he was president of the AANF and has his own parking spot at Ford.

And that is exactly what this law suit is about. These people will most definitely have to answer each and every question that I am going to put to them...that's right me...not any lawyer. I have a Constitutional right to defend myself and I am going to. This time Atour and Janey and Jackie and John are going to have to answer all those little questions they brush aside regularly. If the court ONCE senses that they are being evasive or not completely forthright...oh man, will they see something they have never experienced before!

On just one topic the questioning might go like this...

Fred: Mr Golani...didn't I tell you over the phone NOT to weld my sculptures together...that I had good reasons for the design and wanted it that way?

Atour: Yes you did.

Fred: Then why did you do it anyway?

Atour: I thought it would look better that way...and I thought you were just doing it so you could save some money to put in your own pocket.

Fred: It never crossed your mind that I had my own reasons and they were none of your business?

Atour: I wanted it done this way.

Fred: Okay...so why did you tell me, then, the work was done at Ford...why did you brag about how good their welders and technicians were...and why did you offer to have them work on the Hammurabi monument too if I didn't think my foundry could do the work?

****Now here Atour is what we legal people call "Fucked". If he admits that Ford did it, which would mean he had told the truth back then...he is in for it for dragging Ford into this...they have enough trouble these days making non-lethal cars...they don't need to be seen as experts on Art too. If he denies the work was done at Ford, then he has to explain why he thought it was significant to lie to me that it was done there. There are a host of questions I can ask that would go something like..."Mr Golani, would it matter to you that a millionaire ran over your wife...or just a plain old poor person?" In other words...I wasn't upset at WHO did the work...just that Atour HAD the work done. Was he trying to impress me with Ford? I drive one...big deal.

Or, more likely...has he realized that he is in deep doo and is now lying to save his ass at work? Doesn't matter to me...like it didn't matter to either of them to stop me from doing my job.

If he now admits he was lying then, for whatever reason...my next approach is to ask if he is telling the truth, ask if telling the truth means shifting your shifty self around obstacles...ask him what he tells his children the "truth" is and what "lies" are. Also I ask if he is NOW telling the truth, that a neighbor lugged the equipment over to his garage, as he now claims, and did the welding there. If he insists this is now the new truth...I ask for the neighbor's name and address because I have some issues with HIM too...like sue his ass as well.

If Atour doesn't want to make things worse, as kids sometimes do, by insisting on this new lie, he'll just fess up to having indeed done the work at Ford. Except...why did he lie about his neighbor then?

Now, mind you, Atour has to answer each and every question...none of this I-don't-want-to-repeat-myself nonsense he dished out to me at the Hotel.

That's only ONE instance with ONE of them. The one really on the hot seat is Jackie Bejan...I want her to explain about those full body chest hugs she used to catch me in when I couldn't escape...and if it is her habit to hug men at home when her husband is not there and the kids in the next room? Is her anger at me, and her subsequent about face at all related to the fact that I made it plain I did not appreciate having my chest punctured...that I used to complain to others about her overly affectionate, if that's what they were, embraces and cooings? These are valid questions and maybe I'll let the lawyer handle those...but I'll be making notes for him.

My point is that we are going to see what being held accountable for the things we do left and right to each other AND to this Heritage...in private...can lead to, can be interpreted as, out there in public under the full glow of legal scrutiny and procedure. And each and every one of them should be careful to not try too many blatant smear tactics...I am ready to answer each outright lie meant to discredit me further with points of my own. There is one in particular I suggest Atour NOT wish made public. I have to resort to this kind of thing because I know what has been circulated about me...and though I wont bring any of these things up here...they will come out at the trial, if we aren't all very careful.

This is new territory for us...John Nimrod had all the wealth of his billionaire nephews behind him yet he folded when confronted with evidence of his own lies, things he would have to confess to in court unless he wanted to add perjury to his woes. All I ask for is a FAIR hearing in a court of law. While all these people engage in character assasination in PRIVATE...they take a moral stance and rail at me because I am up front. There isn't a single thing I would call anyone in the night to repeat. I'll wait for court. The others maintain a pious front of being above this sort of thing when they are burning up the wires in secert doing their dirt...a la Gassman Hanna.

Be patient...you too will get your day in court. Everyone loses from a dirty fight. Play it clean.

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