Re: "Agha" Petros was just an opportunistic CROOK

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Posted by pancho ( on December 21, 2001 at 00:35:51:

In Reply to: "Agha" Petros was just an opportunistic CROOK posted by Sliva on December 20, 2001 at 22:34:10:

You sound a lot like Andreas..."you would if you could, but you haven't the time right now, so catch you later." Seems to me if you have the information I shouldn't have to contact you in private. How come you can make the accusation, drop the hint...then clam up all of a sudden. Did you suddenly get shy? Did you think what you had to reveal was too too awful...or did you just do your dirt and run out before anyone could ask you a question.

People who have information that will "expose the truth" about someone are highly me at least. Do you spend much time there in France rummaging through people's underwear?

Why not just come out and say whatever awful things you have to say? I can't stand Mar Rinky Dink, but I don't drop vague hints about the crumb.

Some of you guys have a grudge against Agha Petrous...some people don't care much for you. What were you doing in the War...Daddy-o?

My great uncle Babajan Malik was the head of security for Agha Petrous and served with him through all the campaigns, moved to France to live with him too...I personally know Babajan Malik could have eaten three of you for breakfast and shit you out two minutes later. As for Agha Petrous...who WOULD Assyrians approve of...they can't even agree on a version of Jesus Christ and HIS father.

Tell us all up front what you have to say...we can take it. Then we'll tell you what we think of you...can YOU take it?

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