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Posted by parhad ( on December 22, 2001 at 10:38:06:

People are reacting like I wanted nothing more than an excuse to sue certain blameless persons. Like I didn't try to avoid this in every I didn't wait patiently for three years for Nimrod to find that "alternate" site he was supposedly looking for when all along he was waiting for his sister to drop dead so he could grab that monument for his own neighborhood where I suppose Blacks aren't allowed to step foot...probably aren't. Like I didn't endure a hundred insultds and outrages, like I didn't have my sculptures welded for me by some yokel who should have been designing cars as he's paid to do, designing cars that don't kill people instead...or running down to San Jose time after time because Jackie told me to go look for a site for the Shumirum while all the time she had already decided not to install it by the convention but drag her heels till I was gone to Mexico so she could do it her way, have her own brother sing at the unveiling instead of Ashur Bet we didn't try to tell them that excluding me like that at the last minute was we didn't try mediation with two of them only to be lied to by Jackie and ignored by Atour.

And like I really want to be away from my children this Christmas, for the the first time I want to sell my sculptures at half price and STILL see people wondering where the scam is...even having to pay for the castings myself first because they've all been told I take money and don't deliver...and even then I have to offer them monthly installments...not because there is anything wrong with the sculpture, or they don't want it...though they are afraid of being slimed by Jackie when she finds out, or that Chicago or any other city wouldn't want my monuments...OUR monuments oh turkeys...but that Nimrod threatened to sue Chicago if they put it up, and he and Jackie and Atour and Janey have CONSPIRED to say and do things calculated to make people suspiciaous and doubtful...going so far as to tell people that my sculpture is HISTORICALLY INACCURATE when it was John and Homer Simpson Ashurian who insisted I cut the horns off of Sargon so he now looks more like a Viking than a Viking does...and any number of you "experts" will be called on to testify as to your I didn't swallow the indignity of Atour's lies and contracts and threats from the security chief of the AANF only to have Jackie tell the General Manager of the Doubletree that I was the cause of all the trouble in Chicago..when all I did there was try to circulate a petition to get signatures from Assyrians who want the monument in Chicago and I was kept from doing that by Sargon Lewie another patriot from Hell AND Chicago who you'd think would WANT such a monument in his city, in Nimrod's city...but neither of them did because they were so afraid it would glorify ME instead of them, when I could care less about glory or money, far less than they do and every Assyrian mother's son who can only think about that Rolex he can't afford and how he hasn't a pot to piss in in this world cause Jesus saw to that.

I have no choice BUT to sue the bastards if I ever want to reclaim my reputation and work...the awful and selfish and mean spirited work of trying to get as many Assyrian Public Monuments installed in as many cities as possible before I drop dead...and for whose sake....MINE???

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