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Posted by pancho ( on December 23, 2001 at 17:15:47:

It seems Assyrians have given up all hope of joining the Human Race. Grousing around the site dedicated to the Assyrian American National Federation I came across this whopper. It isn't that I singled it out for honorable mention...I had plenty to choose from. These guys think that asking them to speak like Human Beans is "Attacking" them...while any way they want to humiliate us in public is none of our business...like THIS isn't an attack on the ability of Assyrians to speak a civilized tongue.

Why is that the case. Why am I denounced for suing a crook like Nimrod, when he's been getting away with any number of crimes and misdemeanors? I think it comes from ouir childhood...the boys especially. No matter how snot nosed and whiney an Assyrian boy is, he is still Mamma's little Prince, and Daddy's only hope. The sisters...well, they can make the little Lord's bed and wipe his nose and arse for him. This paragon of mucous is pampered and petted and spoiled and force fed all the way till he reaches what some laughingly call maturity, at which time some girl makes the mistake of her life and carries him down the aisle, not knowing that it's only a short few steps further to the alley out back where she can dump Prince Alarming and make a break for freedom.

By then the little hairy dear has been accustomed to never being opposed, to being told it's marvellous how he stuck his foot in the toilet and peed down his pant's leg...and he can't bear to be challenged...the very idea of being told anything drives him mad with anguish and a sense that you don't love every dribble he puts out. All that's left is for him to get a job as a moderator and he has arrived.

That's why we only produce world calss chumps...unless of course they run screaming into the night and get away from this nuthouse as fast as they can. The ones that stay behind can't figure out how to work the doorknob or they'd be gone too. So they make the best of necessity and become experts and heroes and nationalists for us...spouting just the kind of drivel I picked up at their web page.

The collective howl of "You are ATTACKING us!!!" comes from the various throats of those who never had a chance in this life...a chance to be Assyrian...

...Assyrians attended the eight police roll calls on Tuesday October 30, 2001 at 24th district of Chicago Police Department at 6464 North Clark Street in Chicago. Dr. Norman Solkhah, Dr. Esho Marcus, Miss. Sheren Jasim, Mr. Guiliana Younan, and Mr. Joseph Tamraz gave brief speeches for the Police officers. They explained who Assyrians are, where they came from. They told the police officers that even Assyrians are from the Middle Eastern countries, but they are Christians and they are Assyrians not Arab or else. Assyrians are a good citizens and they devoted to their countries. Assyrians start coming to US from late 1800 and early 1900s. They answered officers questions. Commander David Boggs, Commander of the 24th district and Mr. Joseph Tamraz, Midwest director of Assyrian American National Federation were present on all eight roll calls. Special thanks to Mr. Joe Rasho for helping and arranging this event and to the Commander Boggs for taking time from his busy daily schedule to be with the Assyrian delegation in all those roll calls from 7 AM until past Mid-night, and all Assyrian Speakers.

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