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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 08:37:03:

Heard a damn good interview with an American jornalist and author. He said Americans have grown accustomed to living in a world apart, as if they had no connection to the rest of the Planet, that they were above it all, immune from the effects of their acts...that they'd become used to playing around in other people's countries and regions, changing alliances, introducing foreign and hostile elements, backing entities unquestioningly, like Israel...never caring how they were perceived by others etc etc. Like a child who walks through a room leaving toys and food and garbage in its wake, never wondering who or how anyone is going to clean up the mess...not even registering that there WAS a mess left to deal with.

He said that whereas we were once too smug and above it all...we have gone to the opposite extreme and are scared to death now, voting all sorts of measures willy nilly...elevating what has to be one of the stupidest "leaders" in the world to high Staesman status, rallying behind a nincompoop, overlooking how the idiot even got into office...so desperate and afraid are we all. The worst of it is of course that the religious Right in this country will ride to triumph on the backs of these fellas, and in the guise of making us "safe", will trample our rights some more, impose more of their wooley headed agenda (it was no coincidence that Falwell and Robertson brought up abortion and Civil liberties as the cause for the bombing...they really DO believe it and so do many such nuts happily waiting in the wings to take advantage of this tragedy)...and in the end give the same agencies license to do whatever their dim lights tell them, and make things much worse, just as their secret idiotic plans brought us to where we stand now.

Americans, some of them, are actually stunned by events and asking the long long overdo question, "Why do they hate us so." The Rich kid might just wake up and see what he's been doing to the rest of the boys and girls on the block. He had better anyway.

Welcome to the world Reginald Mortimer III. In England, France, Spain and Italy, in Serbia, Iraq and Guatemala, In Palestine, Israel and Sudan, in Uganda and Nicaragua and Vietnam, in Korea, South Africa and Egypt...people have been getting on with life amid all sorts of Terrorist attacks and the effects of the rage the Colonial and Imperial and now the Global Players have sown...welcome to earth...and clean up after yourself, and stop meddling in all the places you've felt entitled to all these years...let's take some responsibility for our actions, kay??

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